Boost Your Health With Unique Herbal Remedies!

Since ancient times herbal remedies have been used by spiritual adepts and medical practitioners for their remarkable healing qualities and to...

Soothe the Body and Soul.

After a detour into inorganic medicines, humans are being directed to the proper use of herbs, 'God's medicine' to restore health to a dis-ease ridden world.

Herbalism is the oldest medicine, recorded in ancient cultures 5,000 years ago.

The use of herbs were included in the medical philosophies and treatments of the Far East, Middle East and into the ancient worlds of Greece and Italy. Herbal remedies have also spread throughout Europe.

There are many similarities with the native Americans, and many ancient tribes depended upon them for their survival.

The wisdom of herbs and plants was handed down through the ages from generation to generation. There is abundant use of herbal remedies in the West, backed up by modern day scientific study.

Human beings from all over the world are beginning to take responsibility for their own health by looking at alternatives to 'conventional medicine'.

The incredible power of herbal remedies can prevent illness and dis-ease and restore Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit and are a key to longevity.

Use Herbal Remedies to
Boost Your Health Levels

Modern drugs use herbs in a synthetic way, that cause many side-effects. This has led scientists back to the plant kingdom and to herbal remedies in general.

A natural alternative or compliment to conventional medicine is the use of herbalism as nature intended, backed by 1,000's of years of research and study.

There are more than 350,000 known herbs and plants available, all with extensive properties that require expert advice for diagnosis & treatment.

Alternatively, you can take responsibility for your own health and well-being by making a study of the subject yourself.

Herbalists use holistic treatment, which includes every aspect of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to ensure the correct herbal remedies are used.

They discuss diet, lifestyle, medical history, allergies, habits etc. This gives the therapist a complete picture for correct diagnosis and treatment.

Disease and illness come from an imbalance of vital energy usually caused by stress, pollution, chemicals, and poor lifestyle. When symptoms occur we have an indication that the body is trying to heal itself.

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The Magic Healers

The following list is for information purposes, and we always recommend that you visit a highly qualified master herbalist for diagnosis and treatment...

Amulet herbs: are carried by the individual for healing and luck.

Antithelmintic herbs: rid the body of parasites and intestinal worms.

Aromatic/Carminative herbs: clear stomach and intestinal gases.

Astringent herbs: are used to contract the tissues of the body.

Dyes/colouring herbs: used by ancient tribes and modern industry.

Diuretic herbs: used to flush out the kidneys.

Expectorant herbs: used to remove excess mucus.

Laxative herbs: to stimulate intestines and bowel movement.

Nervine herbs: to soothe the nerves and help relaxation.

Purgative herbs: have a stronger effect than laxatives.

Tonic herbs: to promote nutrition and tone up the stomach.

Man's desire for better health leads him to begin to pinpoint those few herbal remedies that can give special help. There are a few herbs that have been designated as miracle herbal remedies...

Goldenseal should be at the top of any list. It aids digestion, is a detoxifier, tones up muscular strength, heals wounds, fights infection. NOT for long term use.

Red Potato is used for healing abrasions, wounds, burns, sunburn. Drinking fresh raw juice gives you important enzymes and vitamin C.

Pimiento a sweet pepper, helps build a strong heart & circulation, helps longevity. We are as " pure as our arteries " and pimiento purifies for renewed vigour.

Kola Nut effective for stomach problems, where many health problems originate.

Kelp is a common seaweed which contains every vital mineral required for sustained good health and builds brain power.

Licorice is good for chest and lung complaints, coughs, colds, influenza, and all mucus conditions. It is also a marvelous blood purifier.

Alfalfa sprouted, rich in minerals and organic salts. Regain youth & longevity.

Hawthorn treats heart dis-ease, is also a diuretic, astringent and tonic.

Celery is good for improving muscular condition, aids restful sleep and calms nerves. It is also good for rheumatism, gout, gas and colic.

Asparagus helps heart conditions and kidney, bladder and gall bladder ailments.

Parsley is excellent for general health, oxygen metabolism, kidney and bladder irritation, cystitis, swollen glands and colic.

Papaya aids digestion, destroys intestinal worms and good blood clotting agent.

Spearmint regulates PH balance of alkaline and acids. Useful for allergies and sensitivities, regulates gland function, and an antibiotic, and pain relief.

There are many other herbs with good qualities, but the above list will put you back on the road to balance, harmony and real health. 

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Other excellent health giving herbs are...

angelica, anise, basil, camomile, comfrey, dandelion, garlic, frankincense, myrrh, hyssop, guarana, ginseng, carob, goldenrod, rosehip, clove, elder, saint-johns-wort, shepherds purse, valerian, passion flower, balm, balm of gilead, vervain, sage, fenugreek, chicory, fo-ti-tieng, etc.

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