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Arun Aikido Club (1992-2020) closed during the pandemic, and have decided not to re-open their classes. We may offer short courses for small groups in 2025.

So, we have decided to sell most of our dojo mats. These jigsaw mats are in good condition, and would be ideal for throwing arts like aikido, judo, jujutsu.  

Although they would also be useful for exercise classes, nursery schools, etc.

They can be laid down and picked up in several minutes, so would be ideal for any group that want mats that can be quickly stored in a fairly small space.     

Do you want to see the mats being used? Scroll below contact form for video!

90 Green Jigsaw Mats


Each mat is approximately...

98cm x 70cm (38" x 27") (3'2" x 2'3")

The size of the layout in the pictures are approximately...

994cm x 506cm (390" x 198") (32'6" x 16'6")

Of course, you can decide on the layout that suits your needs.

The mats have been used for aikido for 10 years, so there are some flaws. But, they have been cleaned, are in good condition and only one side has been used. If you use the other side, I expect them to last at least another 10 years!


The mats are currently being stored in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK.

Each mat originally cost us £24 per mat, but would be almost double that now. Here's your opportunity to purchase all 90 mats for just £900. (£10 each) This price is set to sell them fast and to help us get back some of the storage fees.

Please Note: we will not split into smaller sales. Payment: bank transfer only.     If you have questions, and are interested, send us a message in this form...

Do you want to see the mats being used? Scroll below contact form for video!


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