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Rife health treatment is based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife, who was born in May 1888 and died in August 1971. He was an extraordinary American inventor, who is known for his rife machine.

Rife treatment technology had successful trials as it was developed in the 1930's, but unfortunately was suppressed by the medical industry.

Please Note The medical industry consistently suppresses treatments that they can't financially benefit from. You would think that their main aim would be the health and well-being of the population.

Unfortunately, it is clear that this is not the case. Keeping people on ineffective drugs with serious side effects is very profitable for them!

How Does a Rife
Machine Work?

Are you aware that singers can shatter glasses by sustaining the right note? This is a visible example of the power of vibrational sound waves. This is how Rife developed what he called resonance therapy.

A specific energy frequency can cause tiny pathogens to explode. This Rife called the Mortal Oscillatory Resonance. It could be called energetic healing, but more scientifically... challenging pathogens with a frequency resonator rife device.

With a special microscope that Rife health invented, he was able to observe and record many pathogens. He then used high frequency energy created by electronic machines to alter the environment of pathogens.

The difference between a Royal Rife Machine and common radiation therapy was that only those specific frequencies of targeted microorganisms had negative responses. All other cells were left unharmed!

Rife health technology is much safer than more common cancer treatments... cut (surgery), burn (radiation), or poison (chemotherapy)

Rife Therapy

Royal Raymond Rife invented the Universal Microscope which brought him fame in the the scientific community. His desire was to see live microorganisms, allowing him to notice when they disintegrated or changed form from his experiments with focused ultra sonic frequencies.

His Universal Microscope enabled him to painstakingly record the exact frequencies to destroy different pathogens, and viruses, that were commonly found in the blood and tissues from many diseases.

Rife's unique microscope, with its 31,000X magnifying power allowed him to observe micro-organisms change into different forms, and disintegrate with certain resonance frequencies.

Due to his scientific genius, Rife was nominated for the Alternative Nobel Prize, Europe's award for more risk taking ventures passed over by the Noble Prize. Rife's knowledge was boundless, he excelled in microbiology, optics, and other mechanical and electronic applications.

Henry Timken Jr, enabled Rife to keep independent research without interruption. Out of gratitude for a Rife invention that had reduced his production costs, Timken established a laboratory on his estate in San Diego, CA for Rife to research with the best equipment available. It was a state of the art lab.

Royal Rife was also introduced to Dr. Milbank Johnson, who respected Rife health ideas and ingenuity. As the head of a regional medical institution, he had political clout in the medical community throughout the nation.

Dr. Johnson's support of Rife's work enabled Rife health to continue his research unabated by medical authority throughout the 1930's.

Dr. Johnson helped Rife connect with eminent bacteriologists, Dr. Arthur Kendall of Northwestern University in Chicago and Dr. E. C. Rosenow of the Rochester, Minnesota Mayo Clinic. They used his Microscope to confirm their theories.

After experimenting by infecting lab animals and curing them, Rife was confident that his research could now extend to human cancer victims. Dr. Johnson set up clinical trials out of USC's medical school. The results were monitored by a team of physicians headed by pathologist Alvin Ford, MD.

Rife health was presented with 16 terminal cancer victims, and 14 of those were clinically cured within 70 days. The other 2 took 20 days longer. Treatments included nutrients to promote lymphatic elimination of the destroyed microbes.

In 1940, Dr. Arthur W. Yale announced that Rife had discovered a technique for curing cancer so unique and amazing that medicine was on the verge of completely eliminating the second highest cause of disease death in America.

Unfortunately, Dr. Yale did not have the last word.

Rife Treatment
Betrayal and Suppression

A threat to the medical mafia with a cancer cure that did not rely on surgical removal, dangerous radiation, or poisonous drugs was openly challenged.

Rife therapy was not just for curing cancer, but also for curing all diseases!

For every Rife supporter there were many others whose careers were threatened by anything outside of their cash flow boxes. Dr. Thomas Rivers from the Rockefeller Institute was the first to speak out against Rife Treatment.

He was joined by Dr. Hans Zinser, a Harvard Medical School microbiologist. They declared Rife's theories and techniques as worthless. Naturally, many others in the habit of obedience to authority also joined in.

Rife realized he needed to form an independent company producing manageable Royal Rife machines. Rife, Hoyland, and two others formed the Beam Ray Corporation making and distributing machines to clinicians and physicians.

Unfortunately, along came a doctor who had never even practiced medicine, Morris Fishbein who was the head of the AMA. Just as he had done with others who had come up with cancer cures outside the cut, burn, and poison mode, Fishbein made a move to possess and control Rife's technology.

He bribed Rife's partner Hoyland with $10,000 to file a suit against Rife to obtain the company and include a Fishbein agent on the board of directors while excluding Rife. This was quite a lot of money in those days, but...

Rife counter sued and won in 1939. The betrayal and court procedings took an emotional and financial toll on the reclusive scientist, and Rife began drinking.

Then Fishbein decided if he couldn't buy the Rife organisation, then he would destroy it. This was how Morris Fishbein behaved with other people who had developed alternative cancer cures. He used his position in the AMA to ban doctors from using Rife Health device and even confiscated equipment.

A small circle of doctors in California continued despite the national pressure, thanks to the protection of a politically powerful medical person, the same Dr. Milbank Johnson who was always in Rife's corner.

However, Dr. Johnson passed away in 1944, and the AMA eventually succeeded.

Strangely, after Dr. Johnson's death, many of the documents from the clinical trails that he held disappeared. Not long after, investigators suspected that he was poisoned just before announcing Rife's successes publicly.

Equipment confiscated, laboratories destroyed, a doctor harassed until he quit his profession, another committed suicide! The wife of another doctor had a nervous breakdown, forcing her to receive shock therapy during her two months in a mental hospital. It seems that Medical mafia is definitely an appropriate term!

Its nice to know that the pharmaceutical industry, medical doctors and scientists have the health of the population in mind... NOT!

Rife Health Device
on Life Support

Royal Raymond Rife health made another attempt at manufacturing and distributing his Rife device, along with the technology to use them correctly.

He partnered with John Crane, who encouraged Rife to continue his work. They made a bit of a stir with better designs that were easier to use around 1960.

BUT, even without Fishbein, who was forced to retire in 1954 because of the AMA scandals discovered by the 1953 Fitzgerald congressional committee, the FDA took over harassment activities and seized Rife and Crane's latest equipment.

Stress, and the death of his wife, left Rife a broken man.

In 1961, at the age of 73, Rife left the USA and moved to Mexico. He added Valium to his alcohol habit, but still lived until 83 years. John Crane explained later on, that Rife was a great researcher, but was not a fighter.

John Crane continually attempted to bring Rife's technology to public awareness against the FDA suppression of his constitutional rights. He was criminally indicted and tried on charges involving practicing medicine without a license.

The trial jury was screened to eliminate all those with any medical knowledge, especially alternative healing, while retaining an AMA doctor as the jury foreman!

Rife submitted a deposition from Mexico to support Crane's defense, but it was not admitted as evidence. Crane was convicted and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Two of the three counts against Crane were overturned later, and he was released from prison after serving 3 years and 1 month.

Yet even after his release from prison, Crane continued his work underground and compiled and produced a 1000 page manual on the Rife machine's design and use, which has survived after his death in 1995.

Thanks to John Crane's persistent work, Rife health technology continued.

In 1986, Barry Lynes, author of The Cancer Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression, a book that chronicles Royal Raymond Rife's life and work, submitted an article to every member of the U.S. Congress, staff, students of George Washington University's medical school...

as an effort to openly investigate Rife's work without bias. not one response!

The remaining life support system for Rife health work is a scattered group of technically oriented individuals and holistic and allopathic doctors, connecting by Internet throughout the world, especially from Europe.

They are holding Rife's technology together, some even using it, in the hopes that someday it will see the light of day for all of humanity.

FACT! The medical industry is only interested in profit... NOT YOUR HEALTH!

What are YOU
going to do with this info?

Drop it, OR... Take Action?

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