TOMIKI: 15 Basics with Strikes.

by tomiki fan

I understand that the original 15 basics of the Tomiki Style involved striking techniques.

But, these were removed as there were too many injuries, so Kenji Tomiki watered it down, making it safer to practice as a sport.

With the modern equipment (ie. headguards and mitts) now available, I don't see why the original form of randori can't be restored taught and used competively.

What do you think?

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Tomiki Atemi
by: Tony

Very interesting points... thanks.

I agree, that atemi strikes are only removed to make training safer.

Kenji Tomiki wanted to make aikido available to as many people as possible. One way is to offer it as a competitive sport style. Another is to remove the fear of being hit, by removing strikes.

As you say, with headguards and handmitts... it should really be included.

Tomiki Sensei was also highly ranked in Judo, and the same scenario applies. More dangerous jujutsu moves were removed, to turn it into a sport.

Many other styles of aikido have either removed atemi strikes altogether, or just show the strike potential without contact.

Again, this is for safety and to allow the techniques to flow more freely...

at the cost of effective self defence!



Tony Wilden
Aikido & Health Centre

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