Can You Develop Your
Total Aikido Skills Faster?

Do you want to experience total aikido skills?

Mastering Aikido is a very difficult goal to set yourself. If you meet someone who tells you that they have mastered Aikido... they haven't!

But, if you meet someone who says that they are in the process of mastering Aikido, then that's far more believable.

You see, an Aikido master would never talk about how good they are, in fact, the opposite is true. They will tell you how they are just beginning to understand what the founder was teaching them.

A master has won the battle with their own ego. They have defeated their arrogance and become a truly humble, gentle, and loving human being.

An Aikido master is a peaceful warrior who chooses to use minimum force to control an attacker. Of course, beneath the surface is the ability to devastate...

should they need to :)

This is a far cry from many of the so-called experts out there, who prance around the mat looking down on their students. They seem to think they have already mastered the art, and fail to continue practising.

Of course, without constant training, they lose any skill they had.

Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, who founded the art of Aikido often stated that he must train and train. In fact, he did, every day he spent hours meditating, purifying his mind and body, and practising Aikido.

A true Aikido master never believes they are at that level. It is only their students who think that of them. So this attitude of never reaching the goal of mastery, keeps you striving for even more.

What can you learn from this?

Well, it's not the goal, but the journey that is important. How you practise right now is the only place you can improve your skills. Focus on now... moment by moment, and concentrate your efforts.

You can achieve your total Aikido experience, by studying. Constantly learning new ideas and concepts, and practicing them, moves you closer to mastery.

Develop your techniques, analyze posture, and study aiki principles are the most important tools you'll ever develop. Because, understanding principles that underlie techniques gives you the skill to apply them under any circumstances.

Aikido Success Blueprint shows you exactly how to train smart and speed up your learning curve. Plus you'll learn Key Action Steps!

Aikido Complete

Total Aikido: The Master Course by Gozo Shioda, and Yasuhisa Shioda.

This complete aikido book is the sequel to 'Dynamic Aikido', and expands on the fundamental principles of Aikido in fine detail.

It covers the basic postures, with an emphasis on perfecting the key techniques for achieving maximum effect with minimum effort. It is one of the most comprehensive books on aikido techniques also written in English.

Gozo Shioda Sensei's masterpiece. He held one of the few 9th dan black belts in aikido and was one of the most outstanding pupils of Morihei Ueshiba.

For more on Master Gozo Shioda and Aikido Yoshinkan Click Here

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