What Does Aikido Mean?

What Does Aikido Mean

The literal Aikido definition is...

  • Ai - harmony, together, unify,
  • Ki - spirit, energy, life force
  • Do - way, path, road, journey

Question: What Does Aikido Mean?

Answer: The Way of Spiritual Harmony

Aikido is a Japanese martial art, a form of self-defence that uses locks, holds, throws, and an attackers's own movements against them.

Aikido was created by Master Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei (1883–1969). He developed the art during the 1920's/30's, and his vision was an expression of his own personal philosophy of universal peace, love, and harmony. 

A unique martial art that isn't competitive, the techniques don't need physical strength/aggression, practiced by people of all ages and from all walks of life. 

The Aikido definition includes circular movement to return an attackers energy, with a variety of techniques that can cause pain and submission, without injury. 

The benefits of regular training are... discipline, breath control, relaxation, flexibility, stamina, speed, power, health and also harmony of mind-body-spirit.  

In time, you experience inner peace to benefit your in daily life. It offers you an amazing key to live naturally and unselfishly in a very complicated world.

Aikido teaches the one point in your lower abdomen, which is the centre of your universe. By keeping your mind concentrated on this point, you can relax deeply, and respond quickly to changing circumstances in your environment.

What Does Aikido Mean?

It's a path that can lead to spiritual enlightenment!

Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei was thought to be one of the World's greatest martial artists. Although invincible as a warrior, he was a man of Peace. 

After mastering judo, kendo, jujutsu, and Aikijutsu, along with his profound spiritual insight into the nature of the universe, he created aikido, a unique and original martial art based on universal principles.

Morihei taught it as mind-body discipline, a practical tool for handling aggression and a way of life developing courage, wisdom, love, and friendship. He believed aiki principles of co-operation can be applied to challenges.

Although the art originated in Japan, it was intended to be a gift for everyone. He was often described as being the most religious person in Japan, and in his later years spent much of his time in study, prayer and writing spiritual poems. 

O-Sensei based his skills on his ability to tune into universal energy. The method he used was through the power of sound vibrations. Every day he chanted the pure Kotodama sounds to develop his spiritual powers.

So, what does Aikido mean - has been answered... right?

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What Does Aikido Mean? Aikido definition is...

  • Ai - harmony, together, unify,
  • Ki - spirit, energy, life force
  • Do - way, path, road, journey

What Does aikido Mean? 
What Is Aikido?

What Does Aikido Mean

There's a complete range of physical and mental aspects to your Aikido training. Physical fitness, relaxation, flexibility, strength, speed, stamina, as well as 100's of basic and advanced techniques... plus breakfalls. 

Training is based on two partners practicing pre-arranged moves, rather than freestyle. Uke receiver attacks, and the defender, applies an Aikido technique. 

The Tori/Nage performer learns to blend with an attacking energy, and the attacker learns to become calm and flexible even when off-balance. 

Many of the strikes are similar to sword cuts. Other strikes are like punches, also practiced as knife or sword thrusts. Beginners usually practice techniques from grabs because they are safer and easier to experience the exchange of energy. 

Aikido uses body movements to blend with an attack. For example, irimi enters forwards before an attack has power, and tenkan turns away from power. 

There are ki-ai shouts, and atemi strikes to vital points, which are used to distract and weaken an attacker. A strike, even if it is blocked, can shock and break the concentration, and unbalance an attacker.

Weapons training often include staff, wooden sword, and knife. The founder developed empty handed aikido from traditional sword and spear movements, so the practice can give the student insights into the origin of techniques.

Training includes mind control, and how to mentally relax, even under stress. This teaches students to perform an entering movement with courage. 

Also, the study of ki energy is essential. Ki is vital life force, physical and mental intention. Gozo Shioda said that the secret lies in the timing and application of the whole body's strength into a single point.

The study of Aiki Principles develops your skills at a faster rate, if...

YOU  Train Smart :)

You will need an experienced Aikido instructor to teach you the basic techniques in a dojo setting. As you practice, you'll gradually understand some of the key principles that make the techniques effective.

It is possible to develop your aikido skills faster by studying aiki principles separately from technique. This is how I teach... 

With Great Results!

By studying in this way your techniques are more powerful and you will have a better understanding of what makes them work so well.

There are 3 methods of training...

  • Learning Techniques. 
  • Analyzing Posture. 
  • Studying Principles.  

Most instructors actively teach the first two. 

But, if you consciously work on aiki principles, then hard technical training will be far more productive. You'll know how and why your techniques work so well, and you will be able to learn at a much faster rate.

Sounds good... right?

I have made an intense study of Aiki since 1985 and discovered that it is possible to speed up the learning process by focusing on principles. 

Principles of Aikido include... 

alignment, entering, turning, relaxation, acceleration, penetration through target, non-resistance, acceptance, leading energy, awareness of environment, timing, ki-ai shouts, atemi strikes, distraction, balance taking, keeping one point, controlling the circle, weight dropping, weight shifting, etc. etc.

Just a few... 

There ARE Lots More!

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What Does Aikido Mean? Aikido definition is...

  • Ai - harmony, together, unify,
  • Ki - spirit, energy, life force
  • Do - way, path, road, journey

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