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Aikido Belts, ranks, and certificates are not the main focus of aikido students. But we are all aware that it is good to have some sort of feedback.

In this way, you can be sure that you are progressing in your training...


Many Aikido associations and organisations around the world lead their students through a whole series of coloured belts. But, of course, there are variations on how many levels there are, and the importance of each of the Aikido ranks.

In many groups there are only two belts available... white and black. There are several different levels and often an Aikido grading allows you to pressure test yourself in more stressful but controlled circumstances.

You'll also get some recognition of your skill level by passing your grading test and receiving a certificate. We use the following system at the Arun Aikido Club

  • 8th kyu - white belt
  • 7th kyu - yellow belt
  • 6th kyu - green belt
  • 5th kyu - blue belt
  • 4th kyu - orange belt
  • 3rd kyu - brown belt
  • 2nd kyu - brown belt
  • 1st kyu - brown belt
  • 1st dan - black belt
  • 2nd dan - black belt
  • 3rd dan - black belt

Arun Aikido Club
Aikido Belts

At the Arun Aikido Club, all of the above aikido belts require a unique grading test that is very difficult to pass. You certainly wont reach black belt level with us in 3-5 years that is common in many organisations.

Once you have achieved the Aikido rank of black belt, you'll be a Dan grade and can wear the hakama, which is a pleated divided skirt. This is at the discretion of your Instructor, as some organisations don't allow lower dan grades to wear them in general training but only at more formal occasions like seminars.

Also, some organisations call them degrees, which is often the case in the USA. This gives you an idea of how much studying is required to reach a degree level.

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