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The Power of Meditation!

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by Tony J. Wilden -

In our complex society today, we constantly experience confusion and stress, with no time to relax. Beset by worries, tension, restrictions, and demands, your brain is forced to work the entire day.

Even in sleep we dream, so there is never a moment's rest.

If you can temporarily forget your worries, you'll help your body to enjoy relaxation, and allow your nerves an opportunity for true rest. This not only improves the health of your body and mind, but can contribute to longevity and slow down the aging process.

You can simply seize a few moments of peace, every day, to quiet your mind chatter and relax... You deserve it!

Meditation is mental concentration. Everything is put aside in order to maintain the peace and tranquility of your mind and to strengthen the control function of your central nervous system.

Also, deep breathing during meditation improves blood circulation, increases the absorption of nutrients, and promotes metabolic processes.

If every evening just before going to sleep, and in the morning, just after rising, you would simply meditate for 15-20 minutes, it will not interfere with your work schedule. Although these 15 or 20 minutes would seem to reduce your sleep time, in reality, they are even more beneficial.

This is because during sleep your mind is scattered and sometimes you dream. However, meditation concentrates your mind, random thoughts are eliminated, and you can enjoy tranquility and peace.

First, Harmonise Your Body...

Before meditation, loosen your clothing. Take your seat in an easy and natural way. Your body should be erect and the seat stable. Your spine should not be stiffly straight nor should it be bent. Your shoulders should be level, your waist extended, and all your muscles relaxed.

Second, Harmonise Your Breath...

Before meditating, open your mouth and expel a few breaths of stale air from your abdomen. Your tongue lightly sticks to the hard palate with the lips and teeth lightly touching. Slowly inhale through your nostrils while imagining that each breath reaches all the way to your abdomen.

Then once again exhale  naturally, achieving a state of calmness.

Third, harmonise Your Mind...

You may experience an increase in random thoughts as you enter the state of stillness. Your mind should focus on your abdomen, and your eyes gaze down from the bridge of your nose to your abdomen.

At the same time, use the technique of breath counting, and gradually you will be able to avoid confused thinking.

I hope you found this article of benefit.

Tony Wilden

Aikido Health Centre

Tony Wilden is the author of the Aikido Success Blueprint, the Aikido First Aid Kit, and the Optimum Health Secrets. You can sign up for his free monthly Harmony ezine at

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You are welcome to use and forward this Health article, as long as it is entirely complete, to anyone, and in any way you wish :)

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