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Check out my Aikido Blog, and follow my comments on aikido and health. I post on a regular basis on many unique aspects of this fantastic art.

I have been studying aikido, health, spiritual paths and lifestyle issues for over 30 years, and have had many insights that... I would like to share with you!

I want to help you develop your knowledge and skills, in any way I can.

My Aikido Blog comments includes unique information on Aikido and many related subjects, like... health, harmony, spirituality, environment etc.

Among the many subjects I have covered are...

1 - How to take the art of Aikido into your daily life.

2 - How to develop optimum health to vastly improve your life.

3 - Aikido success, and how to avoid blocks along the path.

4 - Secret Aikido principles to make your techniques work, on anyone!

5 - What it takes for you to become a good uke (receiver of technique).

6 - How to make your Aikido practical and efficient in a real street attack.

7 - The long running debate about styles... Aikikai - Ki - Yoshinkan etc.

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By staying in touch with my Aikido Blog, you will see and here all about my most recent pages at the Aikido Health Centre. I add NEW pages regularly, so...

Stay Tuned!

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