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Can watching Aikido Instructional Video help you develop new skills?

Yes, if you approach your study in the right way!

What is the right way?

Well, if you view Aikido videos as entertainment, just like television, you'll probably pass the time in a trance. But, if you decide to study, analyze, and think about the content of the Aikido video, then you can certainly learn a lot.

To become an Aikido expert, you must practice several times a week.  You may not have time to get to the dojo or training hall more than 2 or three times...

But, you can train at home, whenever you have 20 minutes spare.

" One does not need buildings, money, power or

status to practice the art of peace.

Heaven is right where you are standing,

and that is the place to train "

Master Morihei Ueshiba - Founder of Aikido

You can easily practice deep breathing, relaxing into your centre, and work on postures,and basic steps, almost anywhere.

All you need is the motivation and desire!

Watch an Aikido instructional video in the same way.

Have a notepad and pen handy, then pause the video and make notes as you go through the material, or actively go through a move or principle.

If there is something particular that you would like to try at the dojo, then maybe you can discuss it with your instructor. Or just test a principle on your training partner... with their agreement, of course :)

You've probably noticed that most of the Aikido videos on Youtube are really just demos. They seem very similar and entertained, but what have you learned?

Aikido instructional video is very different!

It gives you the opportunity to truly learn something new!

A principle that you can watch, learn from, and try out at your dojo. In this way you will gain a deeper understanding and truly develop some amazing skills.

Free Aikido Instructional Video


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Can the study of Aikido principles really help you develop your skills?

Of course... if You Train Smart!

You can quickly develop amazing skills by studying an Aiki principle separate from a technique. This is part of the way I teach... with great results!

By studying Aikido instructional video in this way, you will have a deeper understanding and your techniques will become far more powerful.

There are only 3 methods of training...

1 - Learning techniques.

2 - Analyzing posture and form.

3 - Studying principles.  

Most Aikido instructors actively teach the first two.

But, if you consciously work on the aiki principles, then your hard technical training will be far more beneficial for you. You'll know how and why techniques work, and be able to learn at a much faster rate.

Sounds good... right?

I made unique Aiki principles & self defence principles videos, but unfortunately the viewing quality isn't great. So instead of selling these separately, I decided to include them as free bonuses with my Aikido Success Blueprint

It offers you Key Action Steps for Fast Results!

When I re-shoot these aikido Instructional videos, I will be charging what they are really worth. Grab this offer quick, before I remove these valuable bonuses.

Aikido Instructional
Video Service

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I will be offering a series of Aikido instructional videos. These will all go into great detail on many aspects of Aikido training, particularly the principles.

I will literally pull apart and examine aikido techniques on video... just for YOU.

You'll get access to my 30+ years of experience. I will also video a complete series of Aiki principles and discuss them in great detail for you.

You'll get a ton of unique insights!

I will be adding a NEW video every month, to a secure members only area of this site. It will give students the opportunity to get some truly unique training in the art of Aiki... that just isn't available anywhere else!

Students will gain an understanding of aikido that many instructors simply do not teach. This may be because a class is not long enough to go into this detail.

OR... they can't teach what they do not know :)

Either way...

In-depth analysis is available here!

Would you be interested in signing up for this unique service? Complete our online form and let us know what your main interests are...

1 - Aikido Yoshinkan - technical analysis

2 - Aiki Principles - that run through all techniques

3 - Self Defence Principles - power development/pressure points

4 - Other related subjects including... breath control, contemplation, words of power, chakra balancing, health and well-being, etc

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