Learn Aikido Key Terms, Aikido Terminology and
Key Aiki Principles!

Here are some of the most important Aikido key terms, aiki principles, and Aikido terminology that you may find useful...

The one point, in your lower abdomen, is the centre of your universe, wherever you go. Keeping your mind concentrated there will calm brain-waves, cause relaxation, and clarity of mind. Correct judgement follows naturally with the ability to respond fast.

Key Terms

Ai - love, harmony, compassion, wisdom.

Aiki - harmony with the universe.

Aikidoka -    One who practices Aikido.

Aikido - the way of spiritual harmony.

Atemi - distracting strike or blow.

Bokken - wooden practice sword.

Budo - the spiritual path of a warrior.

Dan - ranking for black belts.

Dogi - practice uniform, often called gi.

Dojo - a place for practise of the way.

Domo Arigato - Thank you very much.

Hakama - divided skirt.

Hara - centre of gravity where energy is stored.

Hanmi - basic stance of Aikido

Hombu Dojo - Aikikai headquarters of Aikido, Japan.

Irimi - entering.

Jo - five foot wooden staff.
Ki - spiritual energy.

Ki-ai - a release of physical, mental and spiritual power.

Kokyu - breath expansion and contraction - Ki flow.

Kototama - chanting the sound spirit.

Kyu - ranking for belts below black belt.

Ma-ai - correct distance.

Mantra - word repeated in meditation.

Misogi - purification and breath control exercises.

Mushin - a mind without attachment or ego.

Mokusu - a period of meditative calm.

Nage - the one being attacked.

Obi - belt (part of the gi)

Onegaishimasu - please (lets practice together).

O'sensei - Morihei Ueshiba - great teacher.

Seiza - formal kneeling position.

Sensei - teacher, instructor.

Tai Sabaki - body movement.

Tanto - wooden practise knife.

Tenkan - turn or pivot.

Uchi-Deshi - live in student, disciple.
Uke - the attacker.

Ukemi - the art of falling.

Waza - technique.

Zanshin - unbroken concentration.

There are many more Aikido key terms, Aikido terms, Aikido terminology and principles, including numbers...

Ichi - one

Ni - two

San - three

Shi - four

Go - five

Roku - six

Shichi - seven

Hachi - eight

Ku - nine

Ju - ten

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