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Aikido Lectures and Demonstrations

Robin Wilden 3rd Dan, Tony Wilden 5th Dan, Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan

Tony offers unique aikido lectures and demonstrations in West Sussex UK

He has been studying Aikido since 1985. He founded the Arun Aikido Club in 1992 in West Sussex UK and has trained over 500 students, conducted 50+ grading seminars, and arranged dozens of demonstrations for the community.

Tony has achieved coaching qualifications from these organisations...

Martial Arts Commission (MAC), Ken Shin Kai Aikido Association (KSKAA), British Aikido Board (BAB), Bushinkan Martial Arts Association (BMAA), National Association for Karate and Martial Arts Schools (NAKMAS).

Tony has also studied ancient and traditional healing systems and holds qualifications in anatomy & physiology, acupressure, reflexology, and applied kinesiology. He has given 1000's of health treatments since 1993.

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Would you like to book Tony for aikido lectures and demonstrations?

We can arrange a truly unique experience at a local venue in Bognor Regis, or we can travel to a specific venue of your choice. We can present Aikido in an exciting format to suit your individual needs...

1 - Traditional Aikido as practised in 1000's of dojo's around the world.

2 - Aiki principles that are the key elements at the heart of the art.

3 - Self Defence principles, pressure points, and power development.

Booking Tony for an aikido lecture offers you a unique experience. Some of what he presents defies logic and has to be seen to be believed. He often encourages spectators to try moves on his students... which can be amusing :)

Here is a guideline of our fees...

1 hour lecture and demonstration £50

2 hour lecture and demonstration £80

Demonstration for a local event FREE!

Do you want to book Tony for an aikido lecture and demonstration?

Contact Tony and tell him about your exact requirements. Unfortunately,  we have to charge extra for any travel time and expenses.

Do you want local training in Bognor Regis UK? Visit... Arun Aikido Club

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