Kiatsu Healing Using
Powerful Universal Energy

Master Koichi Tohei

By using Kiatsu for healing, the energy of mind and body are in balance and you can create a powerful life for yourself, and those you love. In a state of Perfect balance and harmony you will be able to stay healthy.

Kiatsu Ryoho (press with ki) a method of sending universal energy to others for healing, without draining your own energy resources. 

By sending this vibrant ki energy into the body you are able to increase your life force power to achieve health and well-being. In order to practice it, you must first learn how to extend your ki using these four principles...

1 - Keep One Point

2 - Relax Completely

3 - Keep Weight Underside

4 - Extend Ki

Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit can be achieved through the study of ki breathing techniques. Training shows you how to manifest an unlimited supply of ki energy.

Koichi Tohei, a master of Aikido, started the Ki healing School after a lifetime of research and development. His aim was for many people to have the power to lead a happy, healthy life, with the ability to help others along the way.

The Five Principles
of  Kiatsu Ryoho

Master Tohei spent years studying Zen and Misogi purification.

He soon learn't that real health was achieved through being open to universal ki energy. This allowed it to flow freely through him without any restrictions. In this way, life power reaches maximum force.

He successfully treated many health problems... diarrhoea, heart problems, sciatica, arm problems, nose bleeds, migraines, neuralgia, stomach aches, stiff neck and shoulder, strokes, eye problems, stomach ulcers, shock, etc.

There are 5 principles involved in the successful practise...

1 - Extend Ki from the one point in your lower abdomen. keep your body full of positive ki energy by keeping your mind focused on your hara (lower belly). Stay relaxed and imagine energy flowing from your centre through arms & fingers.

2 - Relax Completely and let go of tension in your body. It is important to be aware of tension developing in your body as you extend ki to other people.

3 - Press Towards the Centre of your tendon/muscle without damaging body tissue, sends ki energy inside that relaxes and softens your tissue for healing.

4 - Concentrate Ki Energy infinitely smaller at the fingertips. Strength and effectiveness of Kiatsu Ryoho depends on the ability of the healer to focus mind. Ki energy can be condensed in the mind to create powerful healing energy.

5 - Think of the Lines and not the Points It is difficult to learn all of the healing points as their position changes according to the adopted posture of each individual. Nerve pathways are connected and flow between brain and body.

It is an easier and faster method to learn the energy and nerve pathways.

Master Koichi Tohei established the Kiatsu Ryoho Gakuin in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan at the Ki No Kenkyukai headquarters

If you live your life with a balance of ki energy, sickness can be avoided. This is your natural state of living as a human being on the planet earth. 

Zen Meditation

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