How Truthful Are
The Fact Checking Sites?

Who is Fact Checking the Fact Checking Sites?

Who Decides What is Fake News?

Fact checkers are in a position to determine what people can read online, despite their own checkered past. So, who keeps the fact checkers honest?

Fact checkers used to focus mainly on debunking urban myths or clearly false claims made by political leaders. But lately, fact checkers have appointed themselves as arbiters of the credibility of news outlets. 

If a fact-checking website decides a story is not entirely true, Facebook can limit its reach on its News Feed. Google now use a fact check box on its search results page to, apparently, help people make more informed judgments.

Hmmm, I suspect these large corporations have a particular agenda. Anything that isn't in line with their agenda gets sidelined. 

The problem is that individual fact checkers can be unreliable sources of what's true or not. Fact checkers often check opinions, rather than factual claims, even though people can form opposing opinions based on the same facts.

Media 'fact checks' use other media sources to check facts, apparently forgetting that journalists get their facts wrong almost as often as politicians. Also there are legitimate complaints of political bias among these fact checkers. 

The best way to judge for yourself is by become better informed about issues, not give that job to people who aren't necessarily qualified to do it for you.

Fact Checking Sites
The Truth Hurts Them!

People who are quick to offer 'Fake News' comments on social media sites should first check their chosen fact checking sites. They are not all impartial, and journalist often have an invested interest in politics, business, health etc.

Ask Yourself...

1 - Do I trust this fact checking site?

2 - Do their fact checkers have any bias or vested interest?

3 - Do YOU trust the integrity of journalists?

After fact checking the fact checkers, can you now use this fact checking site for YOUR 'Evidence' Is it possible that just because something is unproven one way or the other it is actually wrong, false or even so-called... Fake News?

Inventors, creative thought leaders, trailblazers have led the way in improving our lives on planet earth. Would they have failed to impress these journalist fact checkers? Would they have cared, or just continued to... Lead The Field?

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