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The Breath of Life!

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by Tony J. Wilden -

Every living creature is sustained by oxygen, and breathing plays the largest part in all life activities. All living creatures can sustain their lives for some period of time without food or water but not without breath.

Breathing sends oxygen throughout your body and eliminates waste matter. During inhalation oxygen goes into lung cells, and  circulates through your blood. The breath burns the waste matter along with the processes of digestion, absorption and other words - metabolism.

As a logical consequence of this process, carbonic acid gas is produced within your body. If this gas stays there it may endanger your life. Therefore it has to be sent to the lungs through the veins to be eliminated through exhalation.

However the work of the breath goes beyond absorption of oxygen and elimination of waste gas from your system. The absorption of breath is also essential to maintain the life force known as ki, chi, or prana.

This energy is not only vital to sustain the balance of your body and mind but also to stimulate development, realization and manifestation of your potential including spiritual.

An important way to breathe is the natural way of the child. As we grow older and affected by stress, the cause of 70% of modern diseases, the breathing rises to the upper chest and we end up only using the top portion of the lungs.

We then try to compensate for this by breathing faster.

One of the big faults in western posture is to ‘pull the belly in and stick out the chest’. But in order to pull in the stomach and stick out the chest you have to tense certain muscles and this restricts your lung capacity.

The first thing to do is relax the upper chest and shoulders so that the breath is able to go deeper into the lungs again.


You are welcome to try the following breathing exercises...

1 - Whole Breath Completely Relax, exhale and inhale quietly and with as long a breath as possible, repeat three to five times. You can do this exercise anytime of the day wherever you are.

2 - Cleansing Breath Combine this exercise with exercise number 1, stop and hold your breath for a while. Start to exhale making a whistling sound continuously until all the air is expelled from the lungs.

3 - Retained Breath The objective of this breathing exercise is to improve your lung muscles, capacity and breathing power. Begin by taking a complete breath. Hold the breath for as long as you feel comfortable. Repeat three to five times, and finish with the Cleansing Breath.

4 - Walking Breath The objective of this breathing exercise is to add it to your walk which could be practiced during the day and will vitalize your daily activities. This breath is also advisable to do after you have been sitting for a long time computer, studying, reading etc...

Draw your chin in, relax down, and do the whole breath as you walk. Take 5 steps on the inhale counting silently, and 5 steps on the exhale. Gradually develop it up to 8 then ten steps on both the inhale and the exhale with intervals of holding the breath for 1-3 steps.

These are just a small sample of breathing exercises... whatever method you choose, the main thing is to practice daily.

Notice when you are breathing shallow and change it, in the moment. In this way you will quickly improve your health, energy and vitality!

Tony Wilden

Aikido Health Centre

Tony Wilden is the author of the Aikido Success Blueprint, the Aikido First Aid Kit, and the Optimum Health Secrets. You can sign up for his free monthly Harmony ezine at

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You are welcome to use and forward this Health article, as long as it is entirely complete, to anyone, and in any way you wish :)

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