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My name is Tony Wilden, I am an aikido instructor and natural healer. I have a deep interest in spiritual matters, health, environmental issues, and the creation of harmony between people and nature.

Based on 30+ years of study, my 'how to' book covers what YOU need to Boost Your Immune System. I uncovered Key Principles that run through all health systems, and brought them together in one place to...

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Health Secrets

Paperback/Kindle Versions

My Optimum Health Secrets ebook offers you a direct path to complete mastery of your health. It is clearly written, easy to understand, and gives you step-by-step tips on exactly How to Boost Your Immune System!

It offers you a key that taps into your inner powers and unlocks your true potential. It's packed full of essential health secrets that you need to enjoy a healthier, happier, more energetic, and successful life.

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      Discover 7 Powerful Health Secrets!

     THE Most Effective Health Tip Available

      How to Strengthen Your Immune System!

      7 Simple Ways To Increase Your Energy

      Imagine Relaxing and Releasing Stress!

     Use Ki /Chi For Powerful Healing Energy

     14 Magic Minerals - Keys To Real Health!

     Action Steps To Make Changes - FAST

      60+ Health Articles + Inspiring Quotes

     And So Much More... Take Advantage Now!

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4 unique ebook bonuses that include feature articles and words of wisdom from my Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit newsletters. Including original, accurate, and easy-to-apply ways to achieve health and well-being.

Plus 60+ articles & 100's of famous quotes offering a valuable and helpful tool, a handy reference to a wealth of wisdom... at your fingertips!


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Optimum Health Secrets
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Just $27 (was $47)

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Tony J. Wilden

Aikido Teacher / Natural Healer

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Paperback/Kindle Versions

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