Meditation & Contemplation
to Focus Your Mind Power!

Meditation is a way of slowing down, looking within, and becoming peaceful and calm. This gives you a feeling of well-being and helps you connect with the spiritual part of yourself. Sitting quietly in silence has healing qualities.

The first stage is for you to focus and concentrate on one thing like breathing, a candle flame, your ideal self, a peaceful scene, etc.

After a while stage two can take you beyond the noise and concerns of your conscious mind. Thoughts become slow and your subconscious mind is activated. This will, with patience, lead you to...

The third stage, contemplation where your mind is free of any conscious thought and becomes far more creative.

Designed studies of the general effects of meditating have shown that it produces a physiological state of deep relaxation and mental alertness.  Constant daily practice can lead you to a feeling of peace, serenity and confidence.

The practice of contemplation has a therapeutic value which teaches you how to shape your life for inner harmony. It can aid you in breaking down rigid mental patterns and through a process of focused energy, allows you to relax.

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Meditation and Purification
A Path to Profound Awakening

Master Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei

One common practice that remains in all of the martial and healing arts of the East is contemplation and focused mind power. Many Masters and Adepts have spent months, even years in solitary mountain retreats in contemplation.

In Japanese Shinto tradition a yearly universal purification ritual that is known as 'Misogi Purification',  includes sitting calmly under waterfalls, in fast running ice-cold water to clear the body and mind of toxins.

The secret of contemplation is learning how to Focus your Mind on a single thought regardless of environmental noise and other influences that may try to distract you. It is best to practice in a very quiet place...

You could try near a mountain, a forest, by the sea,  a lake, stream or a river.

Early morning practise prepares you for the day and evening practice ensures a sound, restful and healthy sleep. Zen or Yoga breathing techniques can be most beneficial that helps balance your vital energy centres... chakras.  

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