Let Go of Stress and
Relax with Music Therapy!

The use of music therapy is a traditional way of combining spirituality with every-day life, and many ancient cultures used it in healing rituals. It encourages the expression of emotion and feeling, releasing stress to...

Promote Healing.

Have you heard music that has brought tears to your eyes? An uplifting tune can instantly improve your energy levels and emotional well-being.

Music is a universal human language used for initiation in rites of passage, as a guide to expanded levels of consciousness, and a path-way to healing and spiritual peace. It has the power to unite and motivate groups and communities.

Music is therapy, even when used for pure listening pleasure. As you relax, breathing becomes deeper, and you are pulled into the beautiful positive sounds.

You have reached a time where you need experiences in order to know about yourself on a higher level of awareness. Experience is your best teacher and music can provide you with internal experiences.

You can use music to uplift, invigorate, and soothe away your worries!

By singing and chanting in the name of the divine, the individual and the community were tuned to the inner worlds and spiritual dimensions.

On a cosmic scale, sound is an unseen universal power which can create profound changes on all levels of being. The human voice is the most powerful sound ... which the Tibetan's have used for centuries.

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The Ancient Power of Sound Vibrations in Music Therapy

People have used sounds, musical sounds, naturally and therapeutically for centuries. The origins of healing by music therapy can be traced into pre-history and beyond, into the realms of myth, legend, and religion.

The power of music to encourage an emotional response is the life-blood of performing artists. Music can by-pass the mind's logical and analytical censors, to make direct contact with profound feelings and passions.

From the earliest times, the function of music in Chinese culture was to reflect and maintain the harmonics of heaven and earth, the balance of energies (Yin-Yang). Listening pleasure was a secondary consideration.

Students of classical philosophy in ancient Greece carefully chose music for health, purity and a stable character. Knowledge of sounds, rhythms and chants was an essential ingredient in the healing powers of the shaman medicine man.

Great composers detected the links between sound, music and health. The virtues of music transmitted through the air, enters the body to restore natural vigour, energy and feelings of well-being.

For years music therapists and psychologists have helped their patients to observe how the music of nature affects the emotions and the spirit.

Running water... a small brook, fountain or waterfall, spirit raising birdsong, the whisper of a gentle breeze, forests, mountains, oceans. 

Some of the methods used in music therapy are : Singing of the musical scales, inner voice exercises, sound release exercises, exploring musical instruments, heart sound exercises, chanting, overtone chanting etc.

All of these techniques use music therapy to let go of stress and completely relax, which is where real healing of deep seated problems can be found. There is much power in music and its ability to heal.

Heal Yourself with Sound Healing

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