Need Help Understanding
MRI Report?

by Ash-Lee

I am 17 and had an MRI because I get frequent extreme headaches and I got a copy of my MRI results but they are in terminology that I definitely cannot understand.. Help?

"There is a cyst defect in the left middle *cranial fossa abutting the ventral aspect of the left temporal lobe measuring 4.7 x 3.5 x 3.3 cm, most in keeping with arachnoid cyst. **This follows CSF signal on all sequences.** Most notably on the diffusion-weighted sequence. *There is a single white matter focus on the right occipital lobe measuring 4 mm. *There is also apparent partial absense of the septum pellucidum with monoventricle appearance of the lateral ventricles at the mid and dorsal aspect. As imaged, the corpus callosum appears intact. The optic nerves show no focal abnormality (though not designated orbital study). The pituitary gland volume and midline structures are otherwise within normal limits. *There is mild ectopia of the cerebellar tonsils to 3-4 mm. Frank Chiari 1 malformation is not seen. Post contrast enhanced imaging shows no concerning masses or abnormal regions of enhancement. There is no restricted diffusion to suggest acute ischemic process. There is no hemosiderin deposition to suggest prior intracranial hemorrhage."

1. Presumed arachnoid cyst, left intracranial fossa, abutting anterior aspect of left temporal lobe.
2. Apparent partial absence of cavum septum pellucidum. Correlate with history of prior trama. Though this can be associated with constellation of congenital midline defects, there is no definite midline abnormality otherwise observed.
3. mild cerebellar ectopia without Frank Chiari 1 appearance or obstructive nature.
4. Single abnormal white matter focus, right occipital lobe. *Continue with clinical correlation."

I put * on the parts I really really want to know but can't figure out.. If anyone can help me understand I would really appreciate it.


Hello Ash-Lee, thanks for your question. Sorry to hear you are having frequent headaches. As I am not a medical doctor, I cannot tell you what your MRI report means.

I suggest you make an appointment with your doctor or specialist, and ask them exactly what it all means. They have a duty to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Another thing you can do is tap in "mri scan" into google and check out some of the sites. There are several forums available.

Sorry I cannot be of more help.



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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