Peaceful Aiki Practice

by Natasha Hadwick
(Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK)

I thoroughly enjoyed Aiki Peace week 2015. Many thanks to Sensei Piers Cooke and Sensei Tony Wilden.

We have practiced what we call the unbendable arm previously on a few occasions but this move felt completely different. I trained with Mike from Neil Stark's club in East Grinstead.

We were taught to stand in a relaxed horse stance posture with one arm out in front. Our partner held underneath our arm just above the elbow. When I tried to force my arm down with muscle, with Mike trying to stop me I couldn't move it at all!

Then I put both arms out and thought of the other arm being free, I dropped both arms at the elbow and Mike fell to the ground. Mike and I had several turns, but were still as baffled and amazed as the first time!

I guess when you focus anywhere apart from where the attack is, this makes the attack less important and therefore weaker. Mind over matter.

Great class - many thanks to all

Sensei Natasha Hadwick
Arun Aikido Club

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Sep 26, 2015
Unique Ki Test
by: Tony Wilden

Thanks for your comments Natasha, you were the first to post about the Aiki Peace Week Seminar... Well done :)

I found this ki test very different too. The mind being focused elsewhere allowed the ki energy to flow outwards. Very interesting exercise!

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