Pierced Nipples

by Becky
(Durham )

I have had both nipples pierced for around 9 months, and always had a little bit of trouble with the right one, but nothing that was worrying (just slower to heal and a bit more sore).

I took them both out about a month ago and the left has became quite itchy, I squeezed it and a watery substance came from the piercing(which I thought was completely healed!) so I'm a bit freaked out, I repeated this with the left nipple and White lymph or whatever it's called or what I presume it is, came out.

I am really worried why one is different to the other and a little bit confused as I always kept them pristine clean. I need some advice please as I am freaking out after researching bonkers stories :(

Tony's Reply

Sorry to hear of your problem Becky. Unfortunately, this is outside my area of knowledge and I cannot give you any advice.

I highly recommend that you visit your doctor or health care worker, and get a complete diagnosis. Once you have this then you will know the action to take to remedy it and get peace of mind.

I also suggest that you continue your search online for an expert in this area. Sorry I cannot be of more help.



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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