Arun Aikido Club
Referrals Reward Programme

As part of our campaign to attract new students to the benefits that membership of the Club offers, we have a Referrals Reward Programme for students.  

If you introduce someone to the Arun Aikido Club, who goes on to become a club member, and trains regularly for at least one month, you'll get a referral gift. This is because we would rather reward you, than pay the for advertising :)

Choose from one of the following...

  • 50% Discount on your monthly fee. (adults save £15 - juniors save £10)

  • 1-2-1 Training with Tony during a class covering aiki advanced concepts. 

To encourage potential students to join us, you can tell them about our...

  • Free 10 Minute Consultation, just for coming along to the dojo and watching a class. We will tell them about us and answer their questions.

  • You can also tell them that their 1st Aikido Class is Free!

  • Send them to our 24hr Pre-Recorded Message that answers many of their questions. Ask them to phone and listen on tel: 01243 200222  Or tell them to visit our Consumer Awareness Guide

Thanks for your support to help us promote the Arun Aikido Club.

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