The Sedona Method
A Key to Happiness

Sedona Method Founder - Lester Levenson

The Sedona Method is a powerful, and easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feelings. It was discovered by Lester Levenson who mastered life’s greatest challenge. 

In 1952, age 42, Lester Levenson, a physicist and successful entrepreneur, was at the pinnacle of world success, yet he was an unhappy, very unhealthy man. After having his second coronary, his doctors sent him home to die.

Instead of giving up, he decided to search within to find answers. Through determination and concentration, he was able to cut through his conscious mind and found the ultimate tool for personal growth.

A way of letting go of inner limitations. He used it intensively for a period of three months, and his body became healthy again. Plus he entered a state of profound peace that never left him through to the day he died in 1994.

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The Sedona Method offers a series of questions to ask yourself that help you focus on your feelings in the moment. It then guides you into an experience of releasing and letting go of these emotions and feelings.

It has been scientifically proven to be effective by respected institutions and corporations that have used it to create positive results.

The Sedona Method is based on the power of feelings. If you FEEL powerful, then you behave in a powerful way. If you feel sad, then you act sadly. Your feelings actually define how you operate in this world.

And, unless you change your feelings, you will continue to act the same as usual, and produce the same results.

Emotions prevent you from creating and maintaining the life you choose. Our emotions can dictate who we are supposed to be. We even invent whole stories of why we feel a certain way to justify or explain identity misconceptions.

Positive mind techniques are difficult to maintain until mindset change.

But letting go works on the feeling level. It's easy. You can release of years of mental programming and feelings in just seconds using the Sedona Method.

Hale Dwoskin The Sedona
Method Can Overcome Fear

Hale Dwoskin - Sedona Method Master

Hale Dwoskin learned the Sedona Method from his friend, Lester Levenson, over 40 years ago. He has dedicated his life to sharing it with people who have a strong desire to change and improve their lives permanently.

The technique has already helped many thousands of people to tap their natural ability to let go of uncomfortable or unwanted emotions instantly. The process is so simple you can use it anytime and anywhere to improve your life.

You can even experience dramatic shifts in self-esteem and self-confidence. Enjoy deep inner peace that brings joy and happiness. Also freedom from long-standing fear, anxiety, anger management, depression and emotional traumas.

When an unwanted feeling comes up, YOU Release It. That's it. With limiting feelings out of the way, you are free to create any result you desire.

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