Spiritual Healing Can
Help You Experience
Harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit!

You will know when you have experienced spiritual healing. You will be relaxed, at ease, revitalised, positive, and full of boundless energy.

Everything on this planet (including you), is made up of particles of energy. This energy is the life force of the whole universe. As people, we are all linked together, to our environment, and to the universe.

You have a soul which is your real self, and your body is your earthly temple. You are here for the purpose of gaining knowledge and experience, developing virtues which you lack and... advancing towards perfection.

Energy follows thought and by gradual withdrawal of your attention from outer world activities, you can change the nature of your reality.

You can move from the outer life which pursues habitual movements and a mass of physical activities, to the inner, silent, observing world.

The benefits you can gain from this are wisdom, power and freedom.

Experiencing spiritual healing, gaining knowledge, and self-discipline will flood your being with an energy that can make you whole again.

This energy vibrates at different speeds, creating many manifestations in all planes of existence, physical, emotional, mental, memory...

and the spirit worlds.

You should always check the skill level of any spiritual healer that you consider visiting. Seek testimonials and references or simply ask your health advisor or general practitioner for referrals to a registered and qualified practitioner.

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Spiritual Healing

Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some way, and a suitable path to follow. You can create peace in your life and apply the Art of Peace to all beings that you encounter on your path.

You can understand who you really are, let go of the fear of death, worry less, and invite more love into your life. This will fill you with energy and allow you to drop undesirable habits.

There are 2 paths in the lower worlds - love or power (ego). Most opt for power, the breeding ground for all ills from the '5 passions of the mind'... lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.

Power takes and love gives.

The key to spiritual healing is love energy, which has the power to bring liberation in this lifetime. You can experience this if you dedicate some time to daily exercises in order to build up your spiritual stamina.

Contemplation of the secret inner worlds is the answer and the search is  within. If you put your spiritual life before your physical life then you will have a key to unlock the door to spirit, which opens inwards.

The spiritual life is an active life where you become the knower by doing. Spirit shows up in goodness, fair play, a ready ear, tranquility, calm, and love for all.

A more detached inner life means that if your plans don't work out as you think they should, life won't crush you.

A crisis is an opportunity in disguise and no matter what life throws at you there is a way to roll with that energy. This means that obstacles can be stepping stones to spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Look for the silver lining in your clouds, maybe there is some reason for what happens. What is the spiritual lesson to be learned. Only love can find a way to open the heart and reach out to circles beyond the one's where you reside.

A living master is not someone to worship, but a guide to be respected, loved and honoured. Real learning comes from within yourself and life experiences.

Those who follow a direct path to God take nothing for granted, as they must prove it for themselves. You are the creator of your life and by taking responsibility for your actions, and learning from your experiences you earn...

wisdom, power and freedom.

Different spiritual exercises can be tried until you find the ones that get through your barriers and resistance... which method suits you!

In time, after you have built up spiritual stamina, you will be liberated from being a victim and discover that self-responsibility is not a weight to be carried, but a key to spiritual healing and liberation.

What method do you use in your approach to God...

Be a host to God or a host-age to your ego.

Prayer is telling God and actively asking for change.

Meditation is waiting for God and passively awaiting illumination.

Contemplation is actively listening to God and the higher worlds.

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