Thick Fluid in Ears

by Mandi

It seems as though I have fluid stuck in my ears, which I'm assuming is caused by allergies, however, no antihistimine has helped.

The liquid feels like it's very thick, and when I think it's going to drain out of my ears, it does not. At times it moves up to my eyes and my eyelids start blinking furiously so as to rid the eye of something, but it only feels as though it comes out a little and retreats back in.

I can tilt my head certain ways to keep it in my ears and move it from side to side; when it feels like it's all in my ears, my sinuses are clear and clean. The next moment the liquid will clog my sinuses and I'll swallow small bits of thick mucousy stuff.

It's scary, painful, and nauseating... I just want relief!

What should I do?


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with fluid in your sinuses. Unfortunately, I am not medically trained, so cannot offer you a qualified opinion. I highly recommend that you visit your doctor or medical therapist for a complete examination.

I also suggest you search on the net for info. I found... which may be of help.

My personal opinion is that you drink plenty of water, and avoid mucus forming foods like dairy products... milk, cheese, butter, etc. Also try to avoid gluten found in... breads, pasta, cereals, etc.

Sorry I cannot be of more help, and hope you get relief soon.



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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