Types of Yoga
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by kendria
(Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)

Yoga is a general term of combining the mind and bodily health that makes you conditioned to respond well, coordinating to the sense of control. Yoga is differentiated into categories with respect to the functionality, purpose, method of practice and so on. which is formulated according to the place of its practice. There are various philosophies and practicing techniques each type of yoga carries along.

What does Yoga do?

Different types of yoga are formulated with various seated as well as standing poses also some type makes use of yoga equipments too. The ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to acquire the complete benefit of improving the immune power, strength and stamina of the body. Yoga does not bring anything from external agents; it helps in triggering the bodily activity and the internal energy that brings the mind, body and the soul interlinked and stabilization of the coordination is being enhanced.

What type of yoga to practice and why?

Yoga is like an ocean with loads and loads of beneficial harvests from within. Benefits of yoga are endless in bringing the richness of health and fitness. The types of yoga are based on the various functionalities which gives solution to various problems. Regular and procedural workout of yoga can do miracles when compared to normal exercising. Yoga is broadly classified to increase fitness and physique, moral factor and spirituality in oneself.

Fitness and physique

Yoga for fitness are mostly concerned about curing of various factors such as diseases, disorders, and to keep up over all wellness and physique. Procedural practice of yoga has got drastic benefits on fitness such as weight loss yoga, increases concentration and memory power, treats mentally disturbed, keeps control over emotional balance, revitalizes ones body with energy, recoups from stress and depression and many more. Kundalini, Iyengar, Yin and Tri yoga (balance and strength to body), Mantra (emotional balance), Hatha, Bikram yoga (cleanses body toxins) and Vinyasa yoga are some forms.

Moral factor

Patanjali Asthanga yoga was into practice from 5000 BC which is formulated to focus on the eight limbs fold path. Moral values of life are being followed in the eight forms of facts namely Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prayahara, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi. Sivananda (relaxation) and power yoga are other forms.


Bhakti yoga enhances the spiritual attachment with love for God the almighty and brings in peace of mind and care for the living species in the world. There are nine forms of practicing bhakti yoga namely Smarana Sravana, Kiratna, Vandana, Dasya, Padasevana, Sakhya, Atmanivedana and Archana. Raja, Dru, Jnana and yoga are other form of spiritual ones.

Karma yoga is a form of practice to serve the poor, needy and the disabled which means for a selfless service to earn the resulting factor of the action. Cleansing ones mind and body is the first part to start with the practice of different types of yoga, Good deeds and action brings the strength of wellness!

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Types of Yoga
by: Anonymous

Your Body is your Temple. Your Mind is your Home. At SunSalute we help you make your temple beautiful and your Home a peaceful and serene place. Through the physical practice of yoga you will start to renovate your Temple and your Home by using these asana types of yoga, iyengar yoga, anusara yoga, namaste yoga. Beyond this rennovation, you may be lucky enough to glimpse your true nature with dedicated practice

yoga is best for health
by: Anonymous

You can do yoga everyday then get your body fit and freshen your mood all day. You can join fitnessfirst india club it is best for yoga class.

Thanks Kendria
by: Tony Wilden

Great article... thanks!

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