We Spotlight Vertigo Health, Its Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Here, on this page, we focus on vertigo health.

Vertigo is caused by issues with the inner ear. There are many ways it can develop, for example, as small calcium particles build up in the ear canal, or by fluid pressure in the ear, a viral infection of the inner ear nerves, etc.

These symptoms can cause the body to become unbalanced, and sometimes a feeling that the world is spinning. Dizzy spells may come and go as your head changes position.

Here, I offer some of the symptoms, there are more. Regarding the treatment, I will pass you on to the professionals. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a vast volume of information and resources regarding vertigo health.

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Vertigo Health
Symptoms Can Include...

Distorted Balance a feeling of spinning, tilted or the world is swaying, which creates an unbalanced sensation of being pulled in a certain direction.

Migraine Headaches people with vertigo can experience severe migraine headaches, which is often caused by pressure build up of fluid or calcium, and a feeling of being off balance.

Nausea a severe feeling of sickness sometimes appears when the world is thrown off balance. An unbalanced feeling of spinning or falling, can, in severe cases, cause vomiting.

Ringing in the Ears tinnitus, or loud ringing occurs along with vertigo. However, after a while, becomes more continual and intense as an annoying buzzing.

Fatigue many people find that the unbalanced feeling of vertigo to be physically exhausting. Unknowing when these feeling will show themselves or how long they will last, may cause physical and emotional stress and general tiredness.

Sweating sudden vertigo health attack can cause panic and sweating, especially on the head, neck, and chest. Chills due to excessive perspiration may come with the panic of feeling an attack of vertigo arriving.

Hearing Loss vertigo can cause increasing, low-frequency hearing loss that affects just one ear. Your hearing may become tinny and painful.  Hearing can become progressively worse as time passes and patients can become completely deaf in the affected ear.

Twitching Eyes abnormal or twitching eye muscles is often a symptom of vertigo, which occurs due to the fatigue and stress and causes the muscle in the eyelids to spasm for a few hours to a few days. Rest can reduce eye twitching.

Ear Pressure a feeling of pressure inside the ear can be experienced as the pressure shifts and vertigo sets in. This occurs with head shifts or pressure changes, like in an airplane.

Panic Attacks some people affected by vertigo complain of spells of panic attacks that can occur intermittently and last up to 30mins, causing fatigue.

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