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Aikido Health Centre FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Aikido Health Centre FAQ page. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we have received since 2002.

"How long has the Aikido Health Centre been online?"

We have been online since February 2002.

"Who is the owner/webmaster?"

Tony J. Wilden, who is an Aikido Instructor and Healer. He has been studying health and spirituality for over 30 years and practising Aikido since 1987. For more info visit... About Tony J. Wilden

"What are the aims of the Aikido Health Centre?"

To deliver valuable cutting-edge information and resources on Aikido, Health, and Well-Being to aid you on your path to self-mastery.

To encourage aikido practitioners to follow O'Sensei's lead, and take an active interest in health, harmony, and spirituality. Also to encourage people interested in health and spirituality, to take up aikido training.

"What can I learn at the Aikido Health Centre?"

You will learn ancient wisdom, master strategies, how to fast-track your Aiki skills, how to prevent and avoid injuries, what the most Optimum Health Secrets are, and much more!

"Do you have any Freebies on your site?"

Yes, we have tons of interesting information on 300+ pages throughout the Aikido Health Centre site. We also have free articles, courses, software, and ebook products including...

Top Aikido Tips email course, Top Health Tips email course, a monthly Harmony Newsletter, Best 10 Aikido sites software, Best 10 Health sites software, Magnibar - multi-software toolbar, Healthy Computing pdf ebook, and my personal Blog comments.

You'll find links to all of these amazing freebies in our navigation bar at the top and bottom of every page of this site.

"Have you produced any of your own products?"

Yes... apart from the free products, I have authored a series of unique exe and pdf file software ebooks... Aikido Success Blueprint, Aikido First Aid Kit, Optimum Health Secrets, Self Defence Secrets, and Harmony Ebooks 1,2,3,4.

I am in the process of writing Aiki Principles software ebooks. For more info visit... Tony's Ebooks

"Can I earn commission from selling your products?"

Yes you can earn a massive 50% commission as our affiliate partner through Clickbank. For more info... Affiliates

"How many visitors does the Aikido Health Centre get?"

We get 100's of site visitors every day and it's growing fast. In fact, we are in the top 1% of most visited websites on the internet!

It's all down to a company called Sitesell and the genius of Dr. Ken Evoy. I use his fantastic Site-Build-It product to host the Aikido Health Centre website online. For more info check out... Opportunities

"How can I help you with your work?"

You can help by giving a small donation to the Aikido Health Centre, Or even better purchase one or more of our unique products.

Also, coming soon... we'll offer you a chance to add your important opinions to our webpages, allowing you to pass on your valuable insights, knowledge and wisdom to our visitors.

"Can I add my Aikido or Health related website to your links page?"

Yes, of course, but it must be well laid out and include useful content for my visitors. You can do this either by offering me a link on your site or making a small one-off payment. For more info visit... Aikido or Health

"Can I have my thoughts published on your site?"

The Aikido Health Centre Forum offers you a place to permanently publish your experiences, stories, top tips, questions, and anything else about Aikido and Health that you'd love to share with us... Community Forum

Aikido Health Centre

Do you have questions for us?

We want to Answer any Questions you may have. Ask Your Question Here

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