Aikido and Conflict Resolution
To Calm Aggressive Behaviour

The most compassionate way to resolve aggression is through Aikido and conflict resolution. If you can see life from your aggressors point of view with empathy you can dissolve the problem, in most cases.

Conflict is a large part of nature and the universe, but people tend to react to it with resistance. We have learned this through our education, parents, grandparents, school, and the society that we live in.

Problems cannot be solved with anger and aggression, but people tend to use these methods as a matter of course... unconscious habits.

Aikido and conflict resolution principles can help people to take a close look at their ways of dealing with tension, stress, and anger.

We are trained by our past experiences to see our lives in a competitive and negative way. By observing human beings on the planet today, we see selfish behaviour with a 'look out for number one' attitude.

There is a negative belief that there is not enough to go round, so people tend to take what they want in life regardless of the effects it has on other people. In fact, there is more than enough to go around.

For change to take place 3 things have to be realised, that can all be found in Aikido and conflict principles...

  • We cannot change what we do not acknowledge. We must first know the problem to change it.
  • We must then accept the problem as it is, and allow it to be. Then be flexible and flow with its energy.
  • We can then ask ourselves the following... Could I welcome it? Could I let it go? Would I let it go? When?

These simple questions, bring immediate answers, and encourage us to let go of the feelings and emotions surrounding the problem.

Once we have cleared the emotional content, then the problem either disappears or becomes much less important to us.

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Aikido and Conflict
Encourages Self Discovery

Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei

Aikido and conflict resolution are experienced everytime we step onto the mat in the training dojo. We are constantly told to relax, as tension and resistance are weaker and less effective for our success.

When we relax, move and flow from our centre of gravity, our techniques are more effective. The art involves working with the energy of our training partner, who plays the aggressor for us to practice harmony.

Training ourselves and our aggressor, in this way, we are able to control them without causing harm.

Conflict resolution is often taught in lecture format, with words and descriptions, using the example of Aikido, it can be understood more fully. When people take part in an Aikido class, it can be experienced by the body and mind.

During Aikido training, we are relaxed and open to energy and are willing to be flexible and flow with it. Holding the mind on the 'One Point' in our centre, allows us to focus, be more alert, aware and alive.

In this state we learn fast, efficiently and effectively.

Aikido for self discovery teaches us that we can choose to take and use this skill in our everyday lives. When conflict arises in us, we just breathe deeply, put the mind on the One Point, relax, and release the tension.

If you wish to influence someone, you have to convince them that you are on their side and have concerns in common. In this way they will relax in your presence and the conversation will go much more smoothly.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to be a good listener. Show interest in what other people have to say to you. Be agreeable with them and put your points across in the natural openings.

See life from your attackers point of view with empathy and you can disolve the problem, in most cases. It is difficult to be patient and trust the process to produce results, but we can do it... with a little practise.

Aikido and conflict resolution are a perfect match and compliment each other. Morihei Ueshiba, aikido founder, was an exceptional human being and a true master. Aikido Success Blueprint offers Key Action Steps for Fast Results!

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