Learn How Aikido Atemi
Strikes Can Help You to
Take Control of an Attacker

Do you focus on Aikido Atemi and pressure point strikes in your dojo?

Is it important that your Aikido skills are effective in a real street attack?

If it is, then you will need to focus on Aikido atemi nerve strikes. This will allow you to quickly take control in a difficult street attack scenario.

Do you think that your Aikido skills will allow you to smoothly blend and flow with the energy of an aggressor in an all out dirty street attack?

I think this is unlikely!

Even if you hold a dan grade, are you really sure your skills will work for you?

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the effectiveness of Aikido. But the calm, and safe dojo atmosphere is a long way from the terror of a sudden violent attack.

In reality, knowing dozens of techniques, with hundreds of variations, will not help you when the chips are down and it's time to protect yourself.

It has been proven time and again, by martial arts experts, who test their skills at the cutting edge, that most complex dojo technical skills become unavailable when adrenaline is rushing through your veins.

People like Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, who are high dan grade martial arts experts, know what really happens. They have worked the doors at some of the most dangerous clubs in the UK.

They have clearly stated that during an attack, there are only a few skills they can draw on. There's no time or space to react to an attacker, who may be close, so a well trained pre-emptive strike removes the need for a full on battle.

This is why a focused study of Aikido atemi is essential. Some Aikido dojo's barely cover the subject at all, others do, but not in enough detail.

It is important that you are able to defend yourself and your loved one's. And you must want your Aikido skills to be truly effective and practical.

Begin your intense study of Aikido pressure point nerve strikes. This will give you the skills to bring down or distract a stronger opponent.

But, in the heat of battle, you may not be able to hit those important points, so, you'll also need to learn how to generate a lot of power to be sure of the...

Effectiveness of Your Strikes... Self Defence Secrets

Aikido Atemi - Be Prepared
or Suffer the Consequences

When you have finally solved the following issues, you will then be ready and prepared for a real attack situation... 

1 - How to control fear and the adrenaline rush.

2 - When the right time comes to act, react/respond or escape.

3 - How to use your Aikido Atemi strikes accurately and powerfully.

4 - Where to hit on the body for maximum effect.

5 - Which Aikido techniques to use, and how to adapt them.

There are other factors involved like... the surrounding environment, innocent people nearby, does the aggressor have mates, can you talk them down, when to back off and run, use a strike to disable or distract, how to take control.

Also remember that aggressors can be very strong and resistant especially when they are under the influence of drugs, adrenaline, etc. so you may need to use powerful strikes and pain to remove their desire to harm you.

These are just some of the main points you will need to think about. 

I recommend that you practise your Aikido atemi strikes until you become highly skilled and very accurate in order to stay safe.

Please remember that you should avoid violence at all costs, but you must be ready to explode into action, if absolutely necessary!

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