Aikido Meditation Techniques
& Aikido Breathing Practises
to Develop Your Aiki Skills!

Aikido meditation techniques help you develop your skills to a whole new level. You can remove negative feelings and become more relaxed by appreciating the world as it is.

Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, would meditate several times a day, from minutes to several hours at a time. Also many of Morihei's top students were known to practise Aikido meditation and Aikido breathing.

It is great to learn physical techniques, but eventually you will want to increase your abilities. For example the more you are able to relax and focus your mind the better your Aikido performance will be.

So, what are some of the best Aikido meditation techniques?

It depends on your preferences and your life experiences. Of course, you may just want a quick way to relax your mind and body, or want to go deeper.

I will give you some methods, I use, to retreat to silence and peace. After all it is good to look inwards on a regular basis, rather than outwards all of the time.

I offer 3 aikido meditation techniques, that you may use to experience positive effects. I recommend you take the time to practise daily for 20+ minutes.  

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Meditation Postures

You can perform aikido meditation techniques in a variety of postures...

1 - Kneeling, with a two fist gap between the knees, hands placed lightly on your thighs with fingers pointing downwards. Straighten your spine, and relax downwards, with mind on one point in the lower belly.

2 - Cross-legged, with your hands resting on your inner thighs, your thumbs and fingers lightly pressed together, your spine straight. Then relax downwards, with your mind focused on the one point in lower belly.

3 - If you cannot manage one of the other methods then a straight back chair will do. Also with your hands lightly on your thighs, feet flat on the floor, spine straight, relax downwards, your mind on the one point in lower belly.

Aikido Meditation Techniques - and Much More!

Breathing Techniques

You may want to try the following method...

Get comfortable in your choice of posture. Keep your back straight, relax completely and put your mind on your one point ( in your lower belly)

Close your eyes gently, open your mouth slightly and start to exhale calmly, using your diaphragm, by pulling your belly in. Imagine your whole breath coming out slowly for about 15-20 seconds.

Pause calmly for a few seconds.

Then, close your mouth and inhale calmly, through your nose in a smooth, relaxed way for 15-20 seconds. Use your diaphragm, by pushing your belly out.

Then wait a few seconds before beginning the next cycle.

The total length of the Aikido breathing cycle is about 45 seconds. Repeat as required until you can do this naturally.

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Deeper Meditation

Once you have chosen your posture and used to the first method, then you may want to try the following advanced Aikido meditation.

Seated: Practise the Aikido meditation technique for a few minutes. Then, with eyes closed, use your imagination to create an image in your mind. 'See' powerful life energy filling your being as you breathe in, and imagine giving it back to the universe as you breathe out.

You can give this energy a vibrant colour, and feel it flowing in, through, and extended out from your mind and body.

Now, imagine yourself in your ideal dojo, performing your techniques perfectly. Whatever attack comes, you can deal with it easily, in a soft flowing way. Create vivid detail, add people, colour, sound, and how you feel, to be successful.

NB. I recommend this daily, for a few weeks before your grading test!  

Dojo - Now take these skills into a dojo setting. Unfortunately in many dojo's, the other students are very sociable and want to talk about all sorts of things, before, during, and after practise. Without being rude...

Ignore it all, and keep quiet!

Breathe deeply and focus on Aikido, before during and after training. While you are on the mat, keep quiet, and concentrate on your training.

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Kotodama is the art of chanting a sound spirit. You can use the complex Aikido kototama, Or a more simplified version, which I use myself...

'AUM', 'OM' or ? ... Revealed Here!

This type of Aikido meditation using sound can have a profound effect on you. Of course, using sound allows you to monitor the smoothness of your breathing pattern. You will hear any imperfections as you perform it...

...and can work on correcting them!

During your chanting, you can also visualise your ideal life. The more feeling and detail you give it, the more likely you are to manifest it.

Imagine and feel the end result as if you have already achieved your goal. How does it make you feel... with a smile on your face, of course :)

The following is an article written by Master Koichi Tohei on Ki breathing technique, great Aikido Meditation Technique. I hope YOU find it useful!

Ki O Dashite Haku (Ki Breathing)

Aikido Meditation Technique by Koichi Tohei

Kneel in seiza. The weight of your body should be concentrated in the one point. Relax your upper body and be at ease. Keep your eyes closed.

Quietly exhale a long breath.  Open the mouth and make the sound “ha” as you exhale. The sound must be a clear, long one.  With practice this breath lasts for thirty seconds.

When you think that you have exhaled enough, incline your upper body slightly forward and force out one last breath. Do not lose the one point.

Wait a second or two, close your mouth and keeping this inclined posture begin inhaling through your nose into the bottom of your abdomen.  The lungs should inflate from the bottom up to the top. 

If you inhale directly into the top of your chest you will be unable to inhale fully.  From beginning to end, the inhalation can last, with practice, about twenty five seconds.  When you think you have inhaled all you can, draw in one last breath.

When you inhale into the “back of your head” you will naturally draw yourself up slightly. Return to the original position so that your weight is located in the one point. If you don't keep the one point it will be too painful for you to hold your breath for the ten seconds.

Concentrate your breath on the one point. When ten seconds have elapsed, draw yourself up slightly and open your mouth, and quietly begin to exhale.

Repeat this breathing exercise any number of times. The best habit is to practice fifteen minutes after getting up in the morning and fifteen minutes just before sleeping. With practice the process of inhalation and exhalation should take more that a minute.

With constant practice you will reach the stage where your breathing will be long and calm and comfortable right from the start. You will then have forgotten your own body and will have entered into a world of nothing but breathing. You will feel as if it is the universe, and not yourself, that is doing the breathing.

Finally you will come to comprehend yourself as part of the universe.

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