Learn Aikido Self Defence
to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones... Very Effective!

Aikido self defence can be a very effective method of protecting yourself, your family, and loved one's. in a street attack situation...

if you practise in a certain way!

Many of the standard ways of studying Aikido, are more focused on harmony, balance, self discovery, and improving yourself as a person.

It is also designed to teach you how to use your skills, on a daily basis, as you interact with other people. But, sometimes it appears that the more martial side of the art is pushed further and further away.

Don't get me wrong, I applaud the instructors that are moving the art of aikido into the 21st century and using it for practical purposes. Learning how to deal with people in difficult situations is very useful.

The Aikido dojo training atmosphere is also good for challenging yourself and your emotions and feelings. It brings your ego out, so you can examine it and change for the better. I could, of course go on...


When things go wrong, and you get into a difficult situation that you cannot resolve in a reasonable way, you are going to need back up. When an aggressor wants to tear your head off and permanently damage you...

What Then?

The time for talking is over and you have to use a pre-emptive strike, or respond/react to their sudden aggressive, violent attack...

Can You?

Remember, most of us are used to a warm cosy feeling as we practise our Aikido self defence techniques. Also even if we miss our timing and cannot block an attack in the dojo, will it really do that much to us...

Not Likely!

full on street attack is aggressive, and it has been shown, by experts, that it can freeze you. Even if you are a seasoned student or instructor, can you really get past that rush of adrenaline when you are in fear for your life?

Of, course if you are one of those students or instructors, who can calmly deal with any sudden, violent, stressful situation, then go about your day, relaxed and unaffected, just like a cat, then you are okay... right?

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How Sure Are You That You
Can Perform, Aikido Self
Defence, Under Extreme Stress?

I am not trying to have a go at students or instructors of Aikido, just to wake up those who think they are safe, After all there is an increasing amount of street violence happening on a daily basis. 

Most people think that aggression and violence always happens to someone else, and will never happen to them? This is a big mistake...

are YOU sure it wont happen to you?

There is another way of practicing Aikido self defence, which I don't prefer, but I do recognise the need for. That is when the attacks are as hard as your partner can hit or grab. This is when you feel inside that you have to make it work, or...

experience the force of the blow!

Aikido Yoshinkan is taught to the Japanese riot police, who send their officers on a tough training course. If add some street type attacks from a variety of angles, then you are closer to being able defend yourself from a violent attack.

This type of training is sometimes a little scary, but it takes you nearer to the edge of reality. Occasionally your block isn't good enough, or you didn't avoid the strike fast enough. This gives you the incentive to get it right or...

suffer the consequences :)

These dojo's and this type of training are becoming less common, but are still an essential part of the complete Aikido experience. After all real Aikido self defence is supposed to be 'martial' then 'art'...

not the other way round!

You can enhance your aikido self defence skills even further by developing real efficient and effective pressure point and power generation.

My studies led me to the work of a realistic instructor, who has given me the tools to have more confidence about using my Aikido skills.

He also teaches how to truly Speed up the Learning Curve by reducing his methods down to the essentials... What Actually Works!

He spent years at the cutting edge of real combat. Many of his students are doormen, security, and military, who need the best training to stay safe. He has developed a great curriculum of effective tools that greatly enhance your ability.

Who is he?

His name is Master Russell Stutely, who is acknowledged as a Leading Authority on the use of pressure points in the martial arts.

He has been instrumental in dragging traditional martial arts into the 21st century. He is a regular columnist for Britain's most prestigious martial arts magazines, Martial Arts Illustrated, Traditional Karate and Combat.

Russell is in constant demand on the seminar circuit, teaching his proven methods of the correct use of very effective pressure points and power.

Discover how to more than double your power with his...

'Multiplied Force Fighting System' Dvd's. Learn how to use pressure points in a practical effective way with his 'Pressure Points Black' Dvd's.

I have both of these systems and they are both Amazing! Aikido self defence with these tools becomes fat more effective in a violent situation.

I was so impressed by these products that I contacted Russell and went on to take an intensive training programme in 2010. I am a fully qualified pressure point self defence instructor and offer unique Aikido Self Defence Seminars

You can't get to my dojo... no worries!

Check out my Self Defence Secrets collection. It offers you great tips to learn how to protect yourself. Including Key Action Steps for Fast Results! 

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