How Effective Do You Think Aikido Strikes Are? Control Attackers Using Aikido Atemi!

Aikido Strikes to pressure points and nerve centres have the power to control an attacker. Unfortunately many instructors tend to gloss over the details of this.

Of course it is great to focus on the techniques...

But, if you have an interest in the effectiveness of your Aikido skills, then awareness, correct distance, and atemi strikes must come first. Aikido nerve strikes allow you to quickly take control in a difficult street attack.

In reality, knowing dozens of techniques, will not help you in a street war.

It has been proven time and again, by martial arts experts, who have tested their skills at the cutting edge, that complex dojo technical skills become unavailable when adrenaline is rushing through your veins.

People like Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine, who are high dan grade martial arts experts, know what really happens. They have worked the doors at some of the most dangerous clubs in the UK.

They clearly stated that there are only a few skills you can draw on to control it. There is no time or space to react to your attacker, who is likely to be very close, so a well trained pre-emptive strike removes the need for a full on battle.

This is why a focused study of Aikido strikes is essential to protect yourself. Some Aikido dojo's barely cover the subject at all, others do, but not enough.

Street violence is rare, but if you ignore it, thinking it won't happen to you, you may get a shock. The only way to deal with it is to be prepared... just in case!

You can prepare yourself by making a study of Aikido strikes, that is pressure point atemi. This will give you the skills to bring down or distract a much stronger opponent... and fast!

Of course, in the heat of a violent battle, you may not be accurate enough to hit those important pressure points, so, you'll also need to learn how to generate a lot of power, to be sure of the effectiveness of your strikes.

Master Russell Stutely can teach you everything you need to effectively protect yourself in a real combat situation.

How do I know? I have felt his techniques and...

They Work!

After studying his excellent dvds, in 2010 I took an intense training programme with him. This involved daily practice for several months, 30+ hours of hard practical seminar training with just 7 students.

After several months of gruelling work, 1000's of repetitions, a 10,000 word thesis and video demos, I eventually qualified as one of a handful of his...

Pressure Point Fighting Instructors.

I now offer Self Defence Seminars a few times a year in Bognor Regis UK to pass on this unique essential knowledge to the general public.

Focusing on Aikido Strikes Can
Prepare You for Unexpected Attacks!

When you have solved the following issues, you will be ready and prepared for a real and frightening street attack situation... 

1 - How to control fear and the adrenaline rush.

2 - When the right time comes to take action.

3 - How to use your Aikido strikes to be accurate and powerful.

4 - Where to hit on the body for maximum effectiveness.

5 - Which 5 Aikido techniques to use.

6 - How to adapt them to work for you.

There are many other factors to take into consideration... your surrounding environment, innocent people nearby, do they have mates, can you talk them down, when to back off and run away, an Aikido strike to disable or distract, etc.

Also please remember that violent aggressors can be very strong and resistant, especially when they are under the influence of drugs, so you may need to use atemi powerful strikes and pain to remove their desire to harm you.

These are just some of the main points you will need to think about. Practise your Aikido strikes to become skilled, and stay safe.

You should avoid violence at all costs, but you must be ready to explode into action... if absolutely necessary :)

Train hard, but Train Smart to gain defence skills... FAST!

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