Aikido Terminology

Aikido Terminology

Here is a useful list of Aikido Terminology, and Aikido Terms to help your understanding of this amazing art founded by master Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei.

Ai - love, harmony, compassion, wisdom.

Aiki - harmony with the universe.

Aikidoka - person who practices Aikido. 

Aikido - the way of spiritual harmony.

Atemi - distracting strike or blow.

Bokken - wooden practice sword.

Budo - spiritual path of a warrior.

Dan/Degree - ranking for black belts. 

Dogi - practice uniform, often called gi.

Dojo - a place for practise of the way.

Domo Arigato - Thank you very much.

Hakama - divided skirt.

Hara - centre of gravity where energy is stored.

Hanmi - basic stance of Aikido

Hombu Dojo - aikikai headquarters of Aikido, Japan.

Irimi - entering.

Jo - five foot wooden staff.

Ki - spiritual energy.

Ki-ai - a release of physical, mental and spiritual power.

Kokyu - breath expansion and contraction - Ki flow.

Kototama - chanting the sound spirit.

Kyu - ranking for belts below black belt. 

Ma-ai - correct safe distance.

Mantra - word repeated in meditation/contemplation.

Misogi - purification and breath control exercises.

Mushin - mind without attachment or ego.

Mokusu - period of meditative calm.

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More Aikido Terminology

Aikido Terminology

Here are some more Aikido Terminology for you...

Nage - the one being attacked.

Obi - belt - part of the uniform.

Onegai shimasu - please teach me - lets practice together.

O-Sensei - Morihei Ueshiba - great teacher.

Seiza - formal kneeling position.

Sensei - teacher, instructor.

Tai Sabaki - body movement.

Tanto - wooden practise knife.

Tenkan - turn or pivot.

Uchi-Deshi - live in student, disciple.


Uke - the attacker.

Ukemi - the art of falling.

Waza - technique.

Zanshin - unbroken focus/concentration.

There is more Aikido terminology and principles, including the Numbers... 

Ichi - one

Ni - two 

San - three 

Shi - four 

Go - five 

Roku - six 

Shichi - seven 

Hachi - eight 

Kyu - nine 

Ju - ten

Aikido key terms, aikido terms and aikido terminology

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