Self Defense for Women....
Very Powerful Techniques!

Sensei Natasha Hadwick 2nd Dan

Self defense for women is about taking control of situations in which you are victimised. This includes verbal and physical attacks. It's your responsibility to teach other people to respect your boundaries.

Staring at the ground, hunched shoulders, hiding your hands in your pockets, making yourself small, carries the message...

'I’m weak and vulnerable!'

Women tend to get targeted as easy prey, so having a strong body language decreases your risk of being victimized.

Make eye contact with people in a way that lets them know you’ve seen them. Swing your arms when walking, take up space. Strong body language not only affects how others see you... it also increases your confidence!

Be Aware of Your Surrounding Environment.

By paying attention to other people, you'll quickly pick up if they look or behave in a suspicious way. This helps you avoid any situation from developing.

If you are busy thinking about what happened in the past or what may happen in the future, then you will not be aware, so be sure to stay alert.

Attract Attention!

If a problem develops and you can't escape become loud, shout, scream, and go towards other people who are nearby. You can't count on others coming to your aid, but you want to appeal to an attackers fear of getting caught.

Use your strongest weapons against his weakest targets... eyes, throat, face, stomach, groin and knees. Strong weapons that you can use are your feet, elbows, hammer-fists and palm heel strikes.

Self defense for women can be as simple as learning how to deal with verbal aggression in an efficient effective way, Or... a Full on physical defence!

It is important to be prepared...

" If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail "

Dozens of effective principles in my Video on Self Defense for women. It comes as a free bonus with my Aikido Success Blueprint. It offers you a gold-mine of Key Action Steps to truly protect yourself!

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Can Self Defense For Women
Be Effective In a Violent Attack?

Yes, of course, self defense for women can be very effective. But only if you practice simple, easy-to-apply techniques, and in the right way.

By using an attackers energy against them, women who practise Aikido, can be very effective at protecting themselves. But it's important to be realistic. After all it's better to know you can protect yourself, rather than think you can...

Right :)

If you practise a martial art, a sudden attack, leading to a street fight may not go well, unless you are prepared for the situation. Even an attack that you know is coming may still freeze you in your tracks.

One of the main reasons you are unlikely to react in a favourable way, is because you are not prepared for the level of violence a person can have for you.

A truly aggressive attacker wants to cause you serious harm. This could lead to physical and emotional damage that you may never recover from.

It has been shown by experts in street defense, Peter Consterdine, Geoff Thompson, Russell Stutely, who were on the front line and have been in that scenario hundreds of times, how martial artists often fail to defend themselves.

Some of the main reasons they give are...

1 - Lack of true awareness of your surrounding environment.

2 - Believing certain techniques will work, when its unlikely.

3 - The shock and adrenaline dump of a real fight may freeze you.

Martial artists, including Aikidoka, generally train in a safe environment, where the attacks are weak, and you can do it again if the technique goes wrong.

They are not under the type of stress they are likely to experience in a street fight situation. But, although you do not expect to be attacked, it can happen.

After all it is happening to someone... right?

Self defense for women can be very effective using Aikido. Women in Aikido are very powerful and have many practical and effective techniques.

There are many Aikido women training in the art, as the techniques do not rely on physical strength for their effectiveness. You can learn how to generate great power using kokyu ryoku, or 'breath power'.

There are also women in Aikido because it is never used for aggressive purposes, and by using the re-directed force of an attack, aikido provides a very powerful means of self-defense for women without muscle power.

But remember that using self defense tactics are the last resort. There are many ways you can prevent or avoid a situation developing to this sort of level.

The best advice I can give you on self defense for women, is to be prepared!

This means taking the time to learn a simple strategy that you will use, if necessary. Then practise it well, learning the key principles...

I can highly recommend...

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