Do YOU Want to Learn Effective Self Defence
in Bognor Regis UK?

Are you looking for effective self defence in Bognor Regis?

Here's your chance to train with a truly unique and very experienced Aikido, martial arts and self defence teacher in Bognor Regis, Chichester, Littlehampton, Arundel, the South Coast, and West Sussex UK.

Government statistics show that there are thousands of recorded violent attacks every day in the United Kingdom. These are just the recorded attacks, so you can imagine how many violent attacks take place that are not reported!

Most people, know how dangerous it is on the streets these days. With the current economic downturn, there are likely to be even more irritable, angry, aggressive, and violent people, who are just looking for...

a reason to have a go at someone.

Take a look at our society today and you will see and hear plenty of evidence of... general rudeness, a total lack of respect, unreasonable behaviour, verbal confrontations, and even physical attacks.

You may have noticed that, often, this type of behaviour is aimed at anyone. In fact, about 50% of attacks are on complete strangers, which means that the other 50% are on people that the attacker knows, and...

You can solve that by being nice to everyone!

The reality is, that you cannot assume that it wont happen to you!

If you make this assumption then you may become the next victim. Ok, it may just be a verbal attack with a little bit of physical, but it could also be a full on assault that will permanently change your life... or worse!

How Can it Change Your Life?

An assault could have a powerful psychological effect on you, making you scared, fearful of going out, lacking in confidence, etc.

It could even leave you with a permanent mental or physical weakness, where you are unable to fully recover from your injuries!

Ask yourself this question...

What should I do?

Either ignore the problem and hope that nothing happens, OR prepare yourself with some focused training on essential self protection moves that will get you out of trouble in times of need!

I'm not saying you need to become paranoid and spend years learning a martial art. All you need to do is learn several key moves that will work for you.

Once you have these tools trained well, just practise them now and then to brush up on your skills... and you are done!

You don't need to become obsessed with fighting or protecting yourself, just aware of your environment and prepared for action if necessary.

This is where I can help you with those key moves. Let me show you the quickest way to protect yourself, your family and loved one's. Study my closely guarded secrets of Aikido, martial arts and self defence in Bognor Regis, UK.

With my simple but powerful tips...

you'll see Great Results in just a few hours of practise!

I am offering you proven steps, that will work for you, as they have been tested by people in the self protection industry and...

Proven to Work!

You will discover that you can save time, money and a lot of wasted effort by learning a few simple but powerful ways to deal with aggressive people. See yourself full of self confidence with your new found skills!

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Self Defence in Bognor Regis

Private Lessons in  Bognor Regis and surrounding areas.

The Arun Aikido Club was founded in 1992 by Sensei Tony Wilden who is a 5th Dan in Aikido and a Pressure Point Self Defence instructor.

For aikido, self defence, and martial arts in Bognor Regis, Chichester, Littlehampton, Arundel, on the south coast, West Sussex UK

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Self Defence in Bognor Regis!

If you want to learn very effective self defence in Bognor Regis then sign up for my unique Self Defence Seminar You'll learn everything you need in just 3 hours!

If you cannot train locally, then I suggest my Self Defence Secrets. It offers great information on unique protection principles... 

That WORK... FAST!

I studied with Master Russell Stutely in 2010 and after several months of intense daily training, qualified one of his few Pressure Point fighting Instructors.

If you want self defence in Bognor Regis, I would love to meet and help you at one of our Self Defence Seminars. If you don't take action nothing will change!

You cant make it to Bognor Regis?

No worries... check out my Self Defence Secrets

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