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Grading 2017

Arun Aikido Club grading 2017... Story, Photos, and Videos below...

On Thursday 30th November 2017, the Arun Aikido Club hosted a grading seminar in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK. On the panel were... Sensei Tony Wilden 5th Dan, Sensei Robin Wilden and Sensei Natasha Hadwick.

It was a long evening because we had junior and adult students taking part. It was difficult for students who had to wait to take their test. Also for those students who took their test earlier, and had to wait to receive their results.

Of course, higher grade students are well aware that patience is part of the discipline required. Also lower grade students should feel honoured to have witnessed the more advanced students taking their gradings.

Instructors were pleased with the level of skill demonstrated, and everyone passed their test. The Arun Aikido Club are pleased to announce...


Kevin Attrill - Shodan 1st Dan black belt

Roman Penzes - 5th kyu blue belt

Michael Carroll - 6th kyu green belt

Richard Love - 7th kyu yellow belt


Samuel Wilden - 1st kyu brown belt

Rebecca Holland - Yellow/Green Belt

Katarzyna Wielopolska - Yellow Belt

Anja Szarowicz - Yellow Belt

Blue Gibson-Watson - White/Yellow Belt

Katie Allard - White/Yellow Belt

Many Congratulations, check out the following Photo's and Videos...

If you are aged between 7-70, want to learn Aikido, you are welcome to join us at the Arun Aikido Club For more photos please visit Arun Aikido Picture History

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