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Description of image This was the Arun Aikido Club's very first public demonstration.

It was by the pier on the seafront, Bognor Regis, UK in 1992 for the 'Birdman Rally'.
Description of image Sensei's Garry Masters, Roger Bish, Malcolm Courts and myself Tony Wilden.

This was to promote the art of Aikido to the public, and encourage new students.
Description of image My brother-in-law, Julian Jessup didn't think I could get Kote Gaeshi on him.

He joined our club soon after! Please excuse the strange expressions, we were not posing for a photo... :)
Description of image This was taken in 1992 after a class I was conducting for the local council in Bognor Regis, UK.
Josephine Wilden and our children Robin & Natasha were among those present.
Description of image Taken in 1992 after a class I was conducting for the local council in Littlehampton, UK.

This class became very popular and increased to 15+ kids.
Description of image This was taken at the same 'Oscar Programme' in Littlehampton. The course was for several weeks.

The kids had a great time and learnt a lot about the art of Aikido.
Description of image Robin and Natasha practising their basic kamae posture in our back garden.
They were very keen in the old days!
Description of image Robin and Natasha performing kamae and ma-ai, correct safe distance.

Not quite correct, but a good early attempt.
Description of image This was taken just before our first junior grading in 1993. All of them performed very well and passed.

With Robin and Natasha were... Edward, Amanda, Rod, and Keith.
Description of image This group photo was taken in 1994 after hard training at our Arun Dojo.

Instructors are Sensei's Francis Ramasammy, Sonny Locke, Garry Masters, Roger Bish, Malcolm Courts and myself.
Description of image Francis Ramasammy Sensei shakes hands with Tony Wilden Sensei after a successful seminar.

I had the honour of taking ukemi for Sensei Francis during this class.
Description of image Taken just before a junior grading seminar.

It took me many months of hard work to prepare this many students for their tests.
Description of image After a long test the Instructors discuss the grading results.

On the panel were Sensei's Tracey Masters, Roger Bish, Tony Wilden and Deanne Feeney
Description of image As You can see, all of the students were successful and passed their gradings.

They all look happy after all their hard work.
Description of image A group photo after the same grading seminar.
Description of image After we had finished with the juniors, it was time for the adult class.

Gary Masters Sensei, head of the Ken Shin Kai Aikido Association demonstrates.
Description of image Garry Sensei gives Tony Sensei and Robin some tips.
I was and still am amazed at the skill of this excellent Instructor.
Description of image Taken during a junior and adult Aikido demonstration.

I didn't have an uke for this one, so Robin got a taste of being on the end of my techniques... :)

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