Bognor Birdman Rally
Aikido Demo 2015

Bognor Birdman Rally aikido demo 2015 by members of the Arun Aikido Club

Demo's were organised and led by Sensei Natasha Hadwick, who is the club junior instructor and Sensei Robin Wilden, who is the adult club instructor. 

The Bognor Birdman Rally is a unique event that takes place every year. Humans dressed as flying machines leap off the pier in an attempt to travel the furthest.

Unfortunately most just plummet straight into the sea, but some glide a little :)

Why Do They Do It?

For charity of course... people take part in  strange events all over the world to raise money for worthy causes :)

Why An Aikido Demo?

The Bognor Birdman Rally aikido demo 2015 takes place to support the event. Many local groups take part to help attract 1,000's of people to Bognor for their unique weekend celebrations.

The Arun Aikido Club gave their first demonstration at the Birdman Rally in 1992, and have taken part several times over the years.

Thanks to Arion Gadd for taking the following pictures.

Bognor Birdman Rally
Aikido Demo 2015 Photo's

Demonstration participants include...

Sensei Natasha Hadwick, Sensei Robin Wilden, Josephine Wilden, Samuel Wilden, Charlie Powell, Arion Gadd, Joseph Dorrell, Kate Jackson, Roman Penzes, Vilma Lazareviciene, Sebastian Skerka, and Leo Hadwick.

Many thanks for your support of the Arun Aikido Club

Not sure what was happening in the final photo, but included it anyway :)

Arun Aikido Club

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