Learn How to Balance Your Chakras and Energy Centres!

Chakras are found next to each hormonal gland and when vital life energy is pushed through the body it invigorates all of your body cells.

Corresponding with your physical body is an energy body which has seven major energy centres. Each one has an effect on your physical, emotional and psychological needs.  

The balancing act is a challenge as some days we soar and other days we are knocked flat. True balance must be reached for each and every day.

The Key to Success is to have a plan of action, an awareness of your needs, desires, and life goals, and to remain calm, centred, and balanced.

When your seven chakras are in balance, life become exciting, fulfilling, more productive, and satisfying. Of course, the best gift you can give your loved ones and the planet is to be a happy and balanced human being.

A positive example to others! 

You can rebalance your chakras and energy centres with a simple 10 minute ancient Tibetan Exercise routine that is simple to learn and only takes 15 minutes a day.

I have found this simple routine rewarding. It helps to co-ordinate and match the vibrations of each chakra to work in harmony with each other.

Maximum benefit for minimum effort!

Boost Your Vital Energy Centres
with the Seven Major Chakras

The 1st chakra vibrates with the colour red, located at the base of the tailbone and is where your personal power and well-being are centred. It provides a firm foundation and its main role is to meet your needs for survival - eating, shelter, warmth, comfort, security.

If balanced you feel calm, strong and confident. When out of balance you may feel weak, insecure, isolated, self-conscious, and anxious.

The 2nd chakra vibrates with the colour orange, located in the lower abdomen and is where your passion and vitality are centred. It provides emotional and sensual well-being and meets your needs for pleasure, good times, good food, good sex, romance, creativity.

If balanced you feel sensitive, beautiful, and creative. When out of balance you may avoid, control, or ignore your feelings, which unfortunately, can lead to addictions & depression.  

The 3rd chakra vibrates with the colour yellow, located in the solar plexus and is where your intellect, courage and integrity are centred. It provides physical energy and meets your needs for self-control, self-direction and personal will.

If balanced you feel worthy, confident and decisive. When out of balance you may feel a fear of rejection, disapproval, abandonment, depression or suppressed anger.            

The 4th chakra vibrates with the colour green, located in the centre of the chest and is where your compassion, forgiveness, generosity and love are centred. It provides the ability to feel joy and meets your needs for affection, warmth, and friendship.

If balanced you feel care about how you affect others. When out of balance you may feel critical, suspicious, defensive, paranoid and unable to be intimate.              

The 5th chakra vibrates with the colour sky blue, located at the back of the neck and is where your communication, creativity, and connection are centred. It awakens the truth and meets your needs for open and balanced communication.

If balanced you feel able to speak and listen with clarity and have an ability to connect. When out of balance you may feel anxious, frustrated or angry.             

The 6th chakra vibrates with the colour indigo blue, located in between the eyes and is where your intuition, imagination and visualisation are centred. It provides a bridge between dreams and reality and meets your needs for knowledge and wisdom.

If balanced you feel energetic, fluid and spiritual. When out of balance you may feel a low self-image, think too much and be controlling and tense.  

The 7th chakra vibrates with the colour violet, located in the top of the head and is where your highest spiritual consciousness is centred. It provides a focus on the spiritual meaning of God and the universe and meets your need for becoming a bearer of light and truth to the world.

If balanced you feel the courage to break with convention and overcome objections. When out of balance you may feel an absolute lack of faith in God, the universe or life itself.

You can rebalance your chakras with a simple 10 minute Tibetan Chakra Balance that is easy to learn. You'll get the Maximum benefit from a minimum amount of effort!

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