Conspiracy Theories
True Or False?

Conspiracy theories, for many people, are thought to be based on prejudice or insufficient evidence. Often there is a level of evidence against a conspiracy theory being true, and a level of evidence for it being true.

How Will You Know Which is Correct?

There are many conspiracy theories that have turned out to be true. So, it is essential that you approach your research with an open mind.

YOU must do your own independent research to find out the facts on both sides. If you lean one way or another you will have an unbalanced viewpoint and cannot come to a truthful conclusion. 

A conspiracy theory can be about many topics, but certain subjects attract a greater interest. These include famous deaths, government behaviour, technology, terrorist attacks, power and domination plots, etc. 

Conspiracy theories are becoming more popular, but are often shot down quickly by Governments, TV, radio, newspapers, social media, and fact checking sites. 

When Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. remove certain articles and videos, I an curious why. It appears this is because a particular theory doesn't fit into their projected narrative.

When this happens, I always want to look a little closer :)

Why is it that the media don't want the masses to question a particular theory. Either it is false and can be discussed openly to confirm the fact. Or it is true and they suppress the open discussion because it will be proven correct.

The researched demographic data on the belief in conspiracies crosses social class, age, gender, doesn't favour left or right, age or sex, political beliefs. 

Some Conspiracy Theories
Have Been Proven To Be True!

What are the conspiracy theories relating to the Coronavirus COVID19?

1 - Did it begin in a wildlife market in Wihan China. an infected animal somehow transferred the virus to a human?

2 - Maybe it was passed on by 100's of US athletes who took part in the Military World Games in Wuhan in October 2019?

3 - Was it a Chinese scientist carrying the virus from the U.S.A. to China?

4 - Is it just a more aggressive influenza?

5 - Does the rollout of 5G poison the body and the immune system releases it with flu like symptoms?

I'm sure we will find out... eventually :)

What about 9/11?

The official narrative seems to be full of holes. There is a lot of evidence that this was a controlled explosion.

Jeffrey Epstein Suicide?

Very convenient timing... before he spilled the beans on pedophiles.

Is there a Deep State, New World Order, and Illuminati? 

The Rothschild's, Rockafeller's, Bilderbergers, Freemasons, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, etc. are they trying to control the masses?  

Global Warming... is it True?

It depends on your point of view. Good arguments on both sides.

Have Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies got a monopoly on health?

Natural health practitioners, herbalists, and nutritionists are often treated as enemies. There is a lot of evidence that certain healing methods are of benefit.

Unfortunately, they don't fit into the narrative that doctors and pharmaceutical drugs are the only proven way. Even though they only treat and suppress symptoms and do not deal with the real cause of dis-ease.

Many prescription drugs have terrible possible side effects, some being far worse than the original problem.

Unfortunately they are in the business of keeping people sick. Healthy people don't feed this massive money-making factory.

There are currently several key conspiracy theories that are very popular and I will be discussing some of them soon. Pages coming soon on...

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5G Frequencies



Global Warming

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