Global Warming
What Are The Facts?

Global warming, is it happening or not? You be the judge!

So-called warming is having a massive effect on peoples lives around the world.

One of the solutions to climate change is to use the power of nature. Organic agriculture and the restoration of forests, peatlands, and other ecosystem habitats capable of drawing down and storing excess atmospheric carbon.

The impact of global pollution is vast.

If it continues, there may be an increase in extreme weather including rising sea levels, wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, droughts. This could have an impacts on public health, agriculture, politics, economic growth and migration.

But, humans have the power to reverse pollution, but only if action is taken immediately, and on a worldwide scale.

What Can We Do?

Organic regenerative agriculture to promote soil health, biodiversity, reforestation, restore peatlands, salt marshes, mangroves, etc.

What happens on planet Earth regarding climate change depends on human action. Unfortunately, the fate of the planet lies in the hands of 2 generations. What happens in the next 100 years depend on how humans deal with it today.

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So What Is
Global Warming All About?

TAX  -  there I have said it :)

Is there proof that NASA is faking global temperature data to push the false global warming science fraud? Find out below...

The planet isn’t warming! 

A handful of climate lunatics have been altering global temperature data in secret. This could be the greatest scientific fraud ever!

The climate lobby, and governments of the USA and UK have been making slight alterations to climate data to lower temperatures from the past, and to raise them now, so it appears that the planet has been warming... at a greater rate.

Global warming is a conspiracy theory, and warming deniers promote truth.

Its all about carbon taxes...

The greed and profiteering by the elite know no bounds. Notice, again, how governments, mainstream press, social media, large corporations are all in on it.

Have you noticed, there seems to be a reoccurring theme here?

And it all has to do with controlling the masses. Unfortunately most people believe whatever these unscrupulous clowns dish out...

The Question Is DO YOU?

Independent research is the answer to get at the true facts on any subject. To get answers you must dig deep, past the shallow media of the party line.

What is Their Ultimate Aim?

One world government, one army, one police force... Total Control!

In the process, people will be culled, and poisoned by 5G to dumb them down. Then a mandatory microchip to monitor and control people remotely! 

Is NASA faking Global Temperature Data?    Read Science Fraud Here

Nobel Laureate "Global Warming is Pseudo Science"   Watch Video Here 

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