Aiki Master Dan Harden Unique Solo Exercises!

Aiki Master Dan Harden offers ancient traditions and modern combatives.   

Dan's bodywork seminars offer mind/body training that he's adapted from traditional martial arts to eliminate repetitive techniques/kata to develop power. 

Power with a strong sense of support and dynamic balance in your body. This has health benefits in supporting the frame and strengthening connective tissues.

This balance offers a dynamic base that makes it difficult to be moved. By applying force you'll lose your balance and have to re-position to continue.

Moving a connected body = speed, stability, and ability to absorb and redirect.

In history, warrior cultures revered this type of esoteric training. Warriors would experience the results of this powerful practice on their health and martial skills.

Internal practices are still difficult to find, but available for those who search. Unfortunately, even with so many martial art teachers across the globe, these skills have been diluted or are missing completely from their teaching. 

Yoga, chi gong, aiki, and other arts, work on the development of the tendon and fascial meridians along with breath control, energy flow, and meditation. 

Chinese martial arts aim was to develop and strengthen these meridians. But these solo training skills were hidden, in favour of forms and techniques. 

The Japanese arts too offer complex techniques that are passed on via the colour belt ranking system, originally designed to attract school children to class :)

Dan Harden has chosen to focus on how to connect body and mind. Breath control, softening of the structure, relaxation, and movement from centre. Your centre is known as Dantian or Hara in the Asian fighting arts and health systems 

Maybe you are a teacher of traditional martial arts, yoga, chi kung, etc. trying to understand how to develop the rare power the arts were once known for. 

Dan's seminars offer and teach a series of workshops and intensives, info and tools to develop teachers to bring these unique skills into their classes. 

Workshops focus on how to absorb the materials presented and to aid teachers to pass on the basics to their students. Dan believes this enhanced one-on-one interaction and correction, students can be monitored and corrected. 

Finding a video of Dan Harden performing Aiki is very hard indeed.

Its like he intentionally avoids making it available to the general public. He believes it should be trained directly in person to FEEL the effects instantly!

Aiki Master Dan Harden
Teaches Solo Aiki Drills

Absorption, Projection, and Deflection

Each student is taught to reorganize their body to move from their centre, with stationary exercises or drills. Also an understanding of tendon/fascia chains that exist in the body, and the mental state to control and manipulate them. 

Corresponding with Chinese muscle meridian theory, and energetic body in original yogic practices. Student get an opportunity to explore the internal yin/yang and organize and focus to unify their mind/breath/body to movement. 

This unification is known as Aiki-in-yo-ho in Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu  

Slow movement drills help a student understand the unification of opposites, their body can function as a single unit and a dynamic stability is created. 

There are several solo drills taught to gradually learn to maintain stability internally against gravity, and weight shifts in both fixed, and free movement.

Then one-on-one low level stress testing is used to gain the ability to sustain loads and remain neutral with loads going into and away from centre. This is beneficial in daily life, useful and practical in martial testing. 

Using body connection for Absorption, Projection, and Deflection... as ONE. 

The movement used creates soft power to neutralize and deflect, to manage your body as a system without the need for techniques. The main goal of high martial artists... leaving you with the ability to move freely and apply your will.  

Free martial movement is gradually introduced as martial movement drills, based on standard attacks and defence. Student are shown how to integrate their new found skills into their own traditional training techniques.

To personally train with Dan Harden, visit his Website for Seminar Dates

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