Does Aikido Lead to Spiritual Harmony?
In General... No!

by Both Hands Clapping
(Albuquerque, NM, USA)

First, we really have to agree on what 'spiritual harmony' actually is. Since you aren't here to give me feedback, I will have to just lay out something and we can go from there.

Let's just (for the sake of argument) propose that 'spiritual harmony' is the feeling or realization of oneness with others (or the universe).

To that end, I would say no, aikido, by itself, will not lead anyone to spiritual harmony. So what does lead to spiritual harmony?

A teacher leads to spiritual harmony. Most, and I really mean most, aikido teachers are really aikido instructors. Teachers know, instructors think they know, but mainly instructors ape.

So, unless you aikido teacher knows, sorry, you are not going anywhere. So how do you know when your teacher knows?

Good question... can't help you there.

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In General... No!

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Actually, . . . Yes.
by: Anonymous

Aikido, when practiced correctly, which you can find from books, reflection and places beyond your "instructor" thanks to the internet, can lead to spiritual harmony.

Aikido is like many trails in the woods, they all lead to several places. If you take the correct path in your training, then yes it will.

Aikido Teacher/Instructor
by: Anonymous

I agree that 'most' aikido instructors just copy what has been passed to them. Unfortunately, it is often little more than a couple of dozen techniques.

Yes, a good teacher can pass on techniques, but also the aiki principles learnt from technical training.

They should have made a study of the life of Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, and the history of the development of the art. Also learnt how to lead, inspire and motivate their students.

Spiritual harmony is not something the aikido teachers can pass on to their students. They can point the way, but the student must do the work, on and off the mat... in their daily lives :)



Tony Wilden
Aikido Health Centre

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