What Is the True Essence
of  Aikido? Find Out Now!

What is the essence of Aikido?

How can you develop advanced Aikido skills?

Well, its not going to be easy. Of course anything worth achieving takes motivation, focused effort, and full commitment.

To get to the true essence of Aikido you will have to spend many years practising the basic techniques of the art.

It really depends on how much time you are willing to spend on your training. If it's a couple of classes a week, it will take 20-30 years.

But, if you have the time and are willing to practice hard several times a week, or even train every day, then you will reach your goal much faster.

You will have to find a fully qualified Aikido instructor to teach you the basic techniques in a Dojo setting. And you'll need to work on these basics, thousands of times to move on to the advanced level.

Of course, you can certainly help the process along physically and mentally by training at home and going through each detail.

In time your instructor will teach you variations of the basic techniques. This will help you develop your ability to move in a more natural and spontaneous way.

Then you'll move closer to  advanced Aikido and the essence of Aikido.

Meanwhile, during your dojo training, you will, of course have been making a serious study of Aikido ukemi... receiving techniques.

This will help physical and mental relaxation, and not resist the techniques. You will learn how to fall safely, even if you are thrown hard, or taken by surprise.

During your advanced Aikido training, and heading towards the essence of Aikido, you will be working on several different ways of experiencing the art. This will introduce you to the study of Aiki principles.

Gradually you will begin to know what the main points of the techniques are, and the underlying principles that run through every technique.

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 Understand the Essence of Aikido With Aiki Principles

If you have reached this far in your training program... congratulations!

Many students get bogged down in the physical techniques, and use muscle in their attempt to be superior to others.

This is where ego takes over and can bring up the never ending argument over which instructor is teaching the correct way.

Some students become too rough, and bully their training partners, but they usually can't take it, when they receive the same treatment back.

Some instructors, often without realising it, end up coaching and hardly ever training. And they cannot allow their students to get near to their own level, so focus more on trivial details to slow down their development.

Of course, you are not part of this large group of Aikidoka, who have been tangled up with ego... are you? Unfortunately, even some high ranking so-called masters are guilty of manipulating aikido history.

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As you move towards the essence of Aikido, you'll notice the principles that run through every technique with dozens of important principles you'll discover.

In fact many of them you know, but have not consciously singled out.

A relaxed body, with mind focused on your centre of gravity, the flexibility to go with the flow, mental and physical circles, non-resistance, weight shifting, weight dropping, avoid direct conflict, 360 degree awareness... the list goes on!

Begin Your Practise of The
Essence of Aikido - Every Day!

Once you have reached a high level of advanced Aikido, you will now be using the art, in the dojo and daily life. There is so much good work you can do to benefit your family, friends, members of your community... And The World!

To enhance this advanced Aikido level you should be getting well into breathing, meditation, and contemplation practise. This will develop in you a love for all beings, and a desire to help others in any way you can.

As you go out into the world more focused on helping others than on helping yourself, you will begin to experience more peace and happiness.

Your hard training comes together within yourself, and you experience harmony and balance in the moment - right now.

Having achieved personal realisation, you can then take your Aiki life skills and give them out to all living creatures on the planet, this is the...

True Essence of Aikido!

Master Morihei Ueshiba O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido, had a very high goal, health, happiness and...

World Peace!

So, you may be thinking, this is going to take a little while. Well, yes a lifetime in fact... but what a fantastic journey!

You CAN aim high and achieve your dreams, desires, and life goals :)

Of course, if you just want your physical techniques to be slightly better than average, you should be able to achieve this in 5-10 years!

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