What Are The
Health Benefits Of Yoga?

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest practices on the planet. It offers you a great system of physical and mental discipline to improve your strength, flexibility, and core muscles, while calming your mind and relieving stress.

There are many health benefits of Yoga, which could be why it has become so popular in the West. It has been used to control pain, and relieve stress. Regular practice has a relaxing effect and offers a spiritual path too. 

It promotes a sense of well-being through body postures and concentration. An attitude of Zen to silence your mind and improve your levels of concentration.

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Stretching helps you develop mental and physical flexibility. It also balances your chakras (energy centres), to achieve real balance and harmony with nature.

Your body is the temple for your soul or spirit, it is important to look after it.

YOU can experience relaxation, stress relief, vitality, concentration, willpower, self-confidence, awareness, clarity, creative insight, inner peace.

When deciding what yoga method to practice, ask yourself...

" what is the natural way to a healthy body? " 

There YOUR answers will be found!

There are several branches of yoga and the best known are...

Hatha, Raja, Karma, Gnani.

Hatha yoga practice mainly refers to the physical aspects of the health benefits of yoga. It offers you an excellent foundation to build on. A sound, strong, healthy body is certainly of benefit, to help you do your best work and study.

Practicing on a daily basis is highly recommended to experience harmony of mind-body-spirit. To increase the health benefits of yoga, you may consider introducing mantras and chants to your practice. 

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More Health Benefits of
Yoga and Seven Principles!

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Easy stretching exercises can be used to increase your flexibility, and help prevent training injuries. Here's some more health benefits of yoga...

  • Your physical body is a temple for your spirit. You should keep your body in good health and trained to obey the orders of your mind.

  • Prana is universal life force energy and found in all forms of life. It is used in magnetic healing, mental healing, and absent treatments. This Prana can be increased and transferred by willpower for healing using your breath.

  • Your instinctive mind carries out essential work of repair, replace, digestion, elimination, breathing, below consciousness. It is where your animal spirit comes from and must be controlled by intelligence.

  • Intellect distinguishes man from beast and brings reason, logic and willpower. A mental awakening of self consciousness, allows your higher nature to be on guard against your animal nature.

  • The spiritual mind is the super-conscious mind. Lots of people are aware of a higher power 'within' which leads to noble thoughts, desires, aspirations, deeds, kindness, humanity, justice, empathy, and mercy etc.

  • Spirit is the divine spark of soul, it is your inheritance from the divine power. A drop from the spiritual ocean, a grain of sand from the shores of the infinite, a particle of the sacred flame, and harmony of God.

  • An in-depth study of the health benefits of yoga can eventually lead you to some truly enlightening experiences... spiritual training!

Yoga Burn Exercise is excellent for health and well-being... recommended! 

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