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Unique Health Definition?

Health Definition

Can YOU remember a time when you felt totally relaxed, vibrant, and alive?

Can you recall when you were aware of your connection with the environment?

You can... Great!

 Unfortunately, for many people, these times are rare, often enjoyed while on holiday. But, the benefits soon fade, once we get back to our 'normal' lifestyle.

What is a Health definition?

Well, there are several important things that you would have to experience before you can claim to be truly healthy...

  • Physical - powerful vibrant energy - all day, every day. 
  • Emotional - calm, peaceful, steady - let go of negative feelings.
  • Mental - positive outlook on life - attitude of discipline.
  • Spiritual - a unconditional feeling of  love for all beings.

That's a brief description of a health definition. You can experience great results in each of these areas by using a few master strategies. Do YOU want the right tools to balance your lifestyle? Well - Here They Are!

Health Definition
The Bad News

Health definition

The many causes of dis-ease are... environmental pollution, hectic lifestyle, negative thought patterns, poor breathing, drinking, eating habits, lack of beneficial exercise, and an inability to really relax... 

Caused by how WE choose to live our lives!

Your body is an incredible factory that requires constant attention. You either put the pure organic elements in, or suffer the consequences. 

In society the tendency is to alter natures products before we eat them. This is a mistake as nature supplies food for us in its purest state.

So you must agree that the purer the air, water and food you consume, the better your level of health will be. A great health definition... right?

 Appealing only to the taste buds is an incorrect approach to one of the most important issues of health. When the appetite is stimulated by great varieties of food, we are often 'tempted' to eat to satisfy taste, rather than hunger. 

Each day You have a choice - build a healthy, youthful and positive future or allow your health to decline because of bad habits and negative lifestyle. 

There are so many aspects to a health definition, that it is difficult to cover it all here. Whether you are researching health, aikido, martial arts, healing arts, natural health, or spiritual paths, there is ONE underlying core principle... 

Attention to Correct Breathing!

The oxygen you put in your lungs is the first essential for life. Without it, you have just minutes to live. Many of us fail to breathe deeply enough to feed our body and mind with oxygen and vital life force (ki, chi, prana, etc.)

You Are What YOU... 

Breathe, Drink, Eat, Think, Feel and Do "

Tony J. Wilden

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