Develop Your Ki Power For Increased Energy & Health!

Every living thing in nature and the universe has Ki (life force). The most effective method to achieve Optimum Health and vitality is to study, and take action on, how to make this powerful energy even stronger in you.

There are many ways of improving your health, and it is essential to study and use them to reach a state of harmony and balance in your life.

You can learn how to use this positive energy in an efficient way to heal and protect yourself from an invasion of negative energy.

In Japan many people practice breathing techniques in extreme weather conditions without any fear of becoming cold, as they have balance and co-ordination of mind & body.

By concentrating on your 'one point' in the lower belly you are pouring your energy outwards. In aikido we focus on extending energy outwards.

To extend mind outwards is to use your life force in a positive way. As soon as you become distracted from this you stop the flow and begin to bring negative vibrations inwards which makes you weak.

The state of your mind, if allowed to dwell on negative thoughts, can influence the chemistry of your body cells causing stress, anxiety, ill health, and dis-ease.

If you feel strongly that, although your body is under par or ill, your mind is free, then you can chase the illness away to become strong again. This can be achieved through the use of mind power and positive energy.

If you ever become worried or tense about potential illness, disease or death, you can focus your mind on your 'One Point' in the lower belly and use powerful positive energy to influence and effect your life.

We are born from the universe and will return after our mission is completed. Looking at life in this way we can see that this practice is one of the best ways to experience vitality.

Aikido Success Blueprint shows you how to speed up your ability to learn the complex skills involved. You'll soon experience harmony of mind, body, and spirit!

Relaxation, Ki, and the Positive
Use of Your Mind and Body

To experience health you must have a balanced development of your muscles and vital organs. The exercise routine you choose should...

stimulate and invigorate all of your cells.

Aikido practice is designed to keep the mind concentrated in the one point and relax the body, becoming more soft and flexible. If we can relax the body in front of an 'enemy' then we have won 80% of the battle.

This is the most difficult time to relax and keep your energy flowing.

The more you can focus your mind on the 'One Point', the more you can relax, making your body soft and flexible.

If you can live your daily life with your body relaxed you will not get tired easily and can use your energy resources more efficiently and effectively.

While relaxed you will have more positive energy and feel vigorous. While tense you will have more negative energy and feel exhausted.

Laughter makes you more relaxed and anger makes you more tense. To enjoy good health and vitality, stop being angry, relax and laugh more.

The human body is soft when it is born and throughout infancy. The older it becomes the more tense and stiff it gets until the end of it's life. Through relaxation the body and mind can stay young and healthy.

Keep Your Energy Flowing Freely throughout your body and mind.


My Aikido Success Blueprint and Optimum Health Secrets offer you all of the information you need plus Key Action Steps to develop your energy... FAST!

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