Learn How To Develop
Powerful Aikido Techniques
And Control Any  Attacker!

Do you want powerful Aikido techniques?

Of course you do, but what do you have to do to achieve it?

Well, first of all, you cannot expect your techniques to have much power in the early stages of training. This is because your studies will be focused more on learning how to perform the techniques correctly.

It takes time to learn basic techniques, with hundreds of variations. You will also be learning how to receive techniques and fall safely.

Once you have developed your ukemi skills to a level where you are confident in your safety, then your training partner will be able to apply some more power to the techniques you receive from them.

A good way to improve, is to watch your instructors and advanced students perform. Also, think about how it feels when techniques are done on you.

This will give you some real, practical insight on what it is that will help you develop powerful Aikido techniques.

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So, What Are The Wrong Ways
to Create Powerful Aikido?

Well, let's discuss what will not help you achieve your goal.

Using brute force and muscle strength, may seem to be useful in developing power, but in reality is of no use to you. This is not real power, and often comes from fear of not accepting your true skill levels.

Anyway, as you attempt to use muscle power or brute force, your training partner will sense it and usually react by tensing up. This will block your ability to complete your technique, and creates resistance.

Of course, you'll see some students who use brute force in an aggressive manner. This appears to be good Aikido, but the uke's are probably just falling through fear of the nage's reaction to them if they don't.

Unfortunately, many martial arts dojo's have a resident bully, even Aikido dojo's. This is unacceptable behaviour and the instructor should stop it immediately! Also, brute force is of no use when you get older.

Some students think that just performing faster techniques helps in developing power. Yes, this can help, but it  also hides errors. The main point here is to be honest with yourself on what truly works.

So, it is essential to develop powerful techniques and principles that will serve you on and off the training mat, throughout your lifetime.

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What Are The Main Factors
Involved In Developing
Powerful Aikido Techniques?

We have already established that it's important for you to understand the basic and advanced moves of Aikido. Once you have this knowledge intellectually and physically, then you are ready to use more power.

Remember that, by adding power, it must not reduce your ability to perform correct Aikido techniques. If it does...

you are not ready yet!

There are many factors involved in developing powerful Aikido moves, and we will look at some of the main one's now...

Mind Power is the ability to focus your mind on just one thing at a time. You can achieve this through daily meditation. This will allow you to put your mind on your one point as you perform your techniques.

Relaxation of mind and body is essential for truly powerful Aikido techniques. It is important to physically relax your muscles downwards, and this can be achieved through the control of your breathing.

Timing is a very important factor to understand, and comes through focused practise. You will know when you have got it right, as your training partner will be easy to move with very little effort.

Awareness of your surrounding environment, at all times, will help you avoid being surprised and will help your chances of getting your timing right. It will also save you from danger, as you go about your normal life!

Belief has the power to transform your effectiveness in life, after all... what you believe, you become! So, think about how to do it, and believe that you already have power... and you soon will have :)

You can double your power by using waveforms.

Waveforms a way to use your body to get your natural relaxed weight behind your moves. I studied this intensely for several months in 2010 and qualified as a Pressure Point Self Defence instructor under Master Russell Stutely.

I have successfully used these waveforms in my Aikido practice with devastating results! you can join me at one of my unique Self Defence Seminars in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK to experience waveform power for yourself :)


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