The Most Practical
Aikido Techniques To
Control an Attacker!

Practical Aikido Techniques are difficult to separate from less effective ones, because aikido applications are performed in a variety of different ways. It  depends on where your focus is, as to how practical they are.

The art of Aikido teaches you many skills, one of which is the ability to defend yourself, but of course there are many more skills involved. For example...

1 - How to develop your spiritual self, using deep breathing and meditation.

2 - How to connect with people and be in harmony with your environment.

3 - How to develop your health, vitality, and well-being.

4 - How to build your fitness, strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and posture.

5 - How to completely relax, release stress, and tension.

6 - How you perform effective, efficient and practical Aikido techniques.

7 - How to adapt your techniques for street combat and modern warfare.

The above points are just a small selection of Aikido principles that you may learn during your training. So, it really depends on what you actually want from the art, and the style and instructor you choose.

There are soft flowing styles, and there are hard practical styles. Also there are knowledgeable instructors, and as in other martial arts and other subjects in life, not so knowledgeable ones.

Either way, you may have to look far and wide for an instructor who will give you aikido techniques, in a way that will be useful to deal with a real street attack. Most instructors teach in the traditional dojo format... passed to them by their instructors.

Of course, if you take the time to get into an instructors... "inner circle", then you may be taught more advanced techniques.This can take many years!

You need to learn basic practical Aikido techniques now, but also learn how to develop them, and truly make them your own.

Many martial arts students, would not do well in a street attack, as it is not like the safe half-hearted attacks in a cosy dojo atmosphere. With adrenaline pumping through your veins, your basic skills may fall by the wayside.

What can you do?

avoid the situation, talk them down, freeze, run, or defend!

To make your practical Aikido techniques work in a street situation, you'll need to adapt a little. Often, just a small, but important change to how you practice now.

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Practical Aikido
Techniques Example

Look at ikkyo, the moment just before an attack is launched, you pre-empt that attack. This means that you go forward and attack the forehead, with both palms, and the 'attacker' reacts by putting their hands up to protect their face.

If they raise their hands to protect their face, then you usually go into ikkyo and take control of their wrist and elbow. This gives you the ability to break the attackers balance to the rear, and turn them around.

You control the arm by relaxing down on the elbow while raising the wrist. This takes them to the floor where you can use a pin to causes submission.

If your attacker doesn't get time to raise their hands and protect their face, then you perform a double palm strike to the face. By doing this with relaxed arms and heavy body, you are able to sink your weight into the strike.

This will completely shock your attacker, where you can move in and control them, or even better escape the situation and get out of there.

One of the reasons it takes months, even years, to be able to use practical Aikido techniques, is because of the number of basic techniques you have to learn and the advanced variations of these.

Also, in many dojo's you will practise something for just 10-15 minutes, then move on to something else. This stops boredom and is more entertaining, in other words it keeps student training regularly...

a rather slow process of learning!

The downfall to this type of training is that it takes years to be proficient at it. You need to know how to defend yourself now, not  later. You never know when you may have an aggressive encounter to deal with.

BUT, there are faster, and more efficient ways of developing your skills. Simply by focusing on just a few techniques, and then train hard, but smart.

By training in this way you can be efficient, effective and truly have practical Aikido techniques and good Aikido applications.

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Either way, if you don't take action nothing will change!

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